Lap + dye and hysteroscopy experiences??

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Eminen Fri 26-Jul-19 15:37:37

I've recently been referred, by my fertility specialist, to a local hospital for lap + dye and hysteroscopy tests.
I have just received a letter in the post from said hospital with an appointment next Thursday afternoon to see a consultant. It doesn't state what the appointment is for, and offers no other information other than to bring a urine sample. Am I right in thinking this is probably another consultation and not an appointment for the actual procedure?
Thanks for any help!

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Zest11 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:16:22

Hi Eminem

If you are having a lap and dye I expect you will be given information about day surgery and what to eat/drink and when as it is surgery where you will be asleep. If you have not had this information, assume it's for a consultation. The urine sample is probably to check you're not pregnant. I had a hysteroscopy with a local anaesthetic to remove a tiny polyp and a lap and dye to check for endometriosis. Your hysteroscopy and lap and dye may be done at the same time or separately. You may have the hysteroscopy at your appointment next week. The hysteroscopy can look for fibroids, polyps etc and remove them from the uterus. The lap and dye checks for blockages in your tubes and potentially removes the blockages. If in doubt, just ring up and check smile

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