LH Surge - when did you get yours?

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Maggie9000 Wed 24-Jul-19 07:50:48

I'm currently in the process of testing every 12 hours for an LH surge, my cycle is normally 31 days - currently on day 12. When should I expect my surge? I'm petrified I'm not going to get one or I'll miss it...would the fact this is my first natural cycle after EC make a difference?

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physicskate Wed 24-Jul-19 10:57:12

On a 'normal' cycle for you at 31 days, I wouldn't expect a surge until cd15-20. Somewhere in there. And yes, ec in the previous cycle could throw that off and you could ovulate earlier or later...

How long is your luteal phase normally? That generally doesn't change by more than a day in either direction...

Maggie9000 Thu 25-Jul-19 18:01:05

Thank you. I have no idea how long my luteal phase is normally confused I'm really worried I'm going to miss the surge though sad

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dobzyj Thu 25-Jul-19 20:26:33

@Maggie9000 I'm similar and I've started ovulating around day 18 but I can't be definite. It's only due to doing opk sticks and basal thermometer temps for last 4 months to get a pattern. Have you tried that?

georgialondon Thu 25-Jul-19 21:22:13

Always had 28 days cycle. And surge for me is always on day 9. Thank god I thought to check it once otherwise i'd probably have never got pregnant as I would have assumed it would be many days later.

Malyshek Wed 07-Aug-19 19:54:09

Coming in a bit late but you shouldn't worry about missing your surge.
I have to use opks as I need to get the timing right to go to the clinic (which is in another country ! So I can't afford to get it wrong).

Every time (5 times by now) I got positive tests for two days straight.

Everybody is different (my cycle is usually around 35 days) but I don't think you need to worry, even if your surge is shorter than mine you are pretty much guaranteed to catch it if you test every 12 hours.

For what it's worth I started using digital tests and they are vastly superior to non digitals. I was tired of squinting at lines trying to decide which is darker, and I also found digitals to be more sensitive. They're not cheap though !

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