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What are the chances of pregnancy?

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Bubblegum45 Mon 22-Jul-19 19:50:42

My sister had an embryo implanted on Friday via IVF. What is the chance of a live birth? I know the odds of a live birth can vary for the whole process but the fact that she got to the implantation stage with a good quality embryo is giving all of us hope. She already has a 4 year old daughter via IVF. Any advice on her chances of another live birth would be really welcome. Thank you.

physicskate Mon 22-Jul-19 20:01:52

Varies hugely. It would be impossible for us to speculate precisely... Age? The fact that ivf has worked in the past for her can be a really positive thing.

Bubblegum45 Mon 22-Jul-19 20:20:52

She’s 36 next month.

elasticfantastic Mon 22-Jul-19 20:24:11

Depends on the reason for the infertility... the fact that it's been successful previously is good.. she can carry and I assume it had no genetic disabilities. Can't put a figure on it but she's in a good place. Good luck to her x

Bubblegum45 Mon 22-Jul-19 20:27:59

Thank you. It was male factor infertility.

chocolatebumby Mon 22-Jul-19 22:34:13

Massively depends on the clinic.

At ARGC it's probably 60%

At Exeter probably low 20s

citybumpkin Mon 22-Jul-19 22:51:45

Try this: You will need a few more details from your sister e.g. number of eggs collected. I was 42, MFI, second round, 2 embryos transferred, the chances weren't that great but DD is currently asleep upstairs. It really is a lottery. Good luck to your sister!

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