Mild PCOS and Low Sperm Count

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PR0518 Fri 19-Jul-19 18:37:38

ust wondering if anyone has had a similar or same experience with any positive outcomes.

Referred for fertility last year due to my OH having low teststerone, which was via hospital clinician appointment first we had this earlier this year. Results due in May but appt cancelled to July sad We had our results from various tests this week.

Identified a few immature follicles on my ovaries and clinician mentioned this is linked to mild PCOS - so not actually sure if I have this or not. My cycles have been irregular, average cycle is 44 days. Then got a leaflet on inofolic. Not sure whether I should take this to make my cycles more regular?

My OH sperm count was very poor but he had been on testosterone (Nebido) injections and stopped those whilst we were TTC and still has. We have seen Clomid can help men increase their sperm count, not sure if this does actually work.

We have now been referred to fertility clinic but have to wait 8 weeks for appt. Paying to go private isnt ideal for us so we will have to wait on NHS for now.

Not a great combination but wondered if anyone has experienced similar where both of you have something and if they is any hope that we can conceive?

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physicskate Fri 19-Jul-19 19:48:28

Take the inofolic. How is your bmi? Optimal bmi is 22, so right baby in the middle of 'normal.'

Polycystic ovaries can be a normal physiological variant, but combined with the irregular cycles is a bit pcos. What we're your lh and fsh results from your cd2-5 test?

PR0518 Fri 19-Jul-19 20:35:48

Thanks, bmi is 23. blood test results fsh 8.4 iu/l. lh 11.9 iu/l.

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physicskate Fri 19-Jul-19 23:32:47

Your bloods don't indicate pcos. How's your testosterone? Any other pcos symptoms (hair? Acne).

Generally two of the criteria are used for diagnosis:
- symptoms (irregular cycles, hirsutism, acne, weight, etc...)
-fsh: lh of at least 1:2.
-appearance of polycystic ovaries

Pcos is not a one size fits all. It seems to be different in each individual. It can present no problems at all or be a tough but to crack!!

A low gi diet seems to help many sufferers (and is good for fertility), as does myo inositol.

Namechangerextraordinaire1 Sat 20-Jul-19 08:26:42

I agree with @physicskate, you need to have two of the criteria to be diagnosed. It could be you do have pcos if you have irregular cycles and polycystic ovaries on u/s.

In terms of whether you can conceive...have you had ovulation confirmed? Women with pcos can sometimes have anovulatory cycles, where they still get a period but don't actually release an egg. If you do ovulate, there is always a chance. It could also be that the testosterone was affecting the sperm count and it may raise to normal levels, meaning you have just as good a chance as anyone without fertility problems. If your partner still has very low counts and you don't ovulate regularly, then it does become trickier (obviously!).

We haven't had a transfer as yet, but we just went through our first icsi cycle. I don't ovulate at all with my pcos and DF has a very low count. Pcos does mean that I got 47 eggs collected and all in all we managed to get 10 blastocysts frozen.i was too at risk of ohss to transfer on the fresh cycle so we are waiting for our fet cycle, but I'm really pleased with how it has gone so far. I did wonder if it would work at all with such poor sperm quality and my eggs which may also be poor quality with pcos!

PR0518 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:19:25

Thank you both.

Only symptom I can see matches mine is irregular periods which I was told initially due to coming off the pill by doc but a year on still irregular, average 44 days. Sonographer said could see a few immature foliciles but wasn't overly concerned.

BUT on a turn of events ...Im late (again) this month and decided to take a cheap asda test I had spare yesterday just in case which to our great surprise was positive smile but reviews were mixed on the device. So I took a clearblue one this morn and positive too :D Can't quite believe it what a week I've never felt so emotional, just have to hold tight now and see.

Thank you both ever so much for your advice and I hope @Namechangerextraordinaire1 you get your positive result news very soon too.

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Namechangerextraordinaire1 Sun 21-Jul-19 09:25:35

Oh wow, that is absolutely fantastic news!!! What a shock for you, but how amazing is that!!! Congratulations and thanks for the good wishes too x

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