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applecrumbl3 Wed 17-Jul-19 17:35:18

Hi all

I'm new to mumsnet, and also at the start of the whole IVF journey, but having made the decision to start only last week, we are going for it straight away at the end of this month! No time like the present and all that.

Although my doc said we could potentially conceive naturally, she has also said that it might be good to crack on.

I've been advised to go for short protocol on gonal F, straight on to a dose of 450 (which I think might be the maximum...!?) She isn't taking any chances it seems, which I'm totally down with. I think I'll start some time at the end of next week depending on cycle.

Interestingly, my doc doesn't do any fresh embryo transfer preferring to freeze all, wait a cycle, then do a FET next cycle when she has 'prepared the lining' (the mind boggles).

I have no idea what to expect, and because we are leaping straight in haven't done any prep with supplements, diet, etc. I'm kind of taking the view that if it works- AMAZING... if it doesn't, hopefully we find out some stuff to put us in a better position next time. Either way, better to be in the game.

Sorry for all the info but thought I'd get the conversation going with all my details in one go so that others can share / compare notes. Looking fwd to hearing from anyone in the same boat! X

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applecrumbl3 Wed 17-Jul-19 17:50:10

Forgot to mention above that we have been advised to go for ICSI on account of the antibodies and we are also being encouraged to do pre implantation screening... This is another (huge) cost so I'm not sure about it, but at the same time one successful round is obviously the most cost effective overall... thoughts on this particularly welcome!

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GreyC Wed 17-Jul-19 18:08:53

Hello! We are starting ICSI beginning on August with my next period!
MFI (hit and miss sperm) from the mouth of the consultant and my AMH is 6 which is the lower side of normal but my family all had early menopause around 38-40 and being almost 30 they are going to use 450 also of Gonal F to make sure we get some good eggs to freeze for further siblings (hopefully!) long protocol so a lot of stemming my little follicles.
It’s all abit scarey and exciting and I’m trying to go with the flow the best I can smile

applecrumbl3 Wed 17-Jul-19 18:28:34

Hi @greyC thanks for joining me smile

Sounds like we have some similarities so will be great to share experiences... Good luck and keep in touch!!

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GreyC Wed 17-Jul-19 18:53:40

I will be. He recommended I take DHEA of 75mg a day so have ordered those and now I’m trying to not google panic!! I’m just going to start taking them and hopefully they will improve my eggs! Along with my folic acid and Vit d plus all my other injections il be doing soon enough.

LillyLeaf Wed 17-Jul-19 18:58:16

I will join you both in the hope that I will actually start at the beginning of August. I've had a bit of a journey so far. I did my first fresh cycle in December, 8 eggs, 6 fertilised, 5 5day blasts. First transfer BFP, miscarriage. Next transfer was FET, BFP, miscarriage. So now I've had lots of tests and I'm currently waiting on karyotyping results for me and DP to see if we are carrying any genetic issues. We'll then test our remaining 3 embryos. If any are good we'll do a FET, if they are all abnormal we'll need to do another fresh cycle. It's been bloody hard and I've had ok days and crap days but I'm trying to look ahead. I'm on day 5 of my cycle and will hopefully start meds on day 21 if all our results come back, time is very tight and I don't want to wait even longer.

applecrumbl3 Wed 17-Jul-19 19:08:52

@Lillyleaf fingers crossed for you that you do! Assume this is your first time testing them? I'm tempted to go for that option as the miscarriages must be heartbreaking - really sorry to hear you had to go through that. Keep in touch to let us know how it all goes - I don't yet know anything about the meds involved in the FET stage so won't be much use there but hopefully some moral support will come in handy. X

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applecrumbl3 Wed 17-Jul-19 19:15:12

@GreyC I've read lots about DHEA and ppl seem to think it helps... I was told my level was ok so haven't done that this time - like you i'm on the folic acid, vit d, also omega 3 - no idea if any of it is helpful particularly if you only start a few weeks before :-/ CoenzymeQ10 was the other one ppl mentioned but haven't got round to that yet....next cycle if this one doesn't work!

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LillyLeaf Wed 17-Jul-19 19:34:52

Yes this is the first time I've tested any embryos, it's amazing that we can do this. I know you can still miscarry a 'normal' embryo but it will be good to have the information. I'm even thinking about put 2 embryos back in if they are ok.

Anaesthetist83 Wed 17-Jul-19 21:55:17

Hi all - I have also joined the June/July thread but as I start a long protocol downreg on Tues 23rd, I’m probably more in sync with this group.

I’m nearly 36, first round, never pregnant. Probably a combo of anovulation and thin endometrium. 6 months of clomid/letrozole made me ovulate but worsened my lining. Skipped IUI for logistical reasons.

AMH/AFC surprisingly reassuring.

Have drugs all ready to go. I already inject myself with Humira as I have crohns, so I’m not too concerned about that side of things, other than being even more of a pin cushion.

LillyLeaf Sat 20-Jul-19 09:59:29

How's everyone getting one. I'm still in the waiting stage (so much waiting). We got our Karyotyping tests back and DP and me are both 'normal' so we can now pgs test our remaining 3 embryos. I'm not sure how long the testing takes so not really sure when I'll start meds. I just hope at least 1 embryo is normal, although 2 would be great and I'm tempted to transfer 2.

applecrumbl3 Fri 26-Jul-19 12:01:11

I've been a bit quiet, but will start the jabs tomorrow! :-/ It feels rather surreal to be honest! Has anyone else started yet? I'm really worried about having a poor response and not getting anything much!

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Anaesthetist83 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:39:09

I’m in day 4 of Buserelin. think the hot weather may have disguised any flushes 😂.

applecrumbl3 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:26:14

I had a melt down today as found out my doctor is going away during! So ec with a random. Should I be concerned?!

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Anaesthetist83 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:44:08

No, I wouldn’t stress about this. The doctor doing it will be completely competent. It is a procedure at the end of the day.

Happydayzz Tue 13-Aug-19 22:43:46

Hi ladies!

I hope you don't mind me jumping on this thread. I've just started my stims after down reg. I'm on cetrotide protocol. This is my second IVF after a failed ICSI in April earlier this year. I had 11 eggs, 9 mature and sadly only one fertilised which was not good enough. I've recently turned 40 and we are throwing everything we have at this round! Doc has suggested IMSI.... Hopefully this gives us a better chance!

YogaPants4 Tue 13-Aug-19 23:00:22

Hey girls...mind if i jump in too? Started today with a prostrap injection in my bum, happy tuesday 🙈😂 thats my downreg i believe ....2 weeks til baseline scan and bloods to see if its worked and i can start stims. Shitting myself tbf... Lots and lots of luck everyone 🤞🏽

LouLouB1987 Wed 14-Aug-19 21:16:40

Hey. Jumping in too!

Started IVF in March this year. Fresh transfer sadly MC at 5 weeks.

Went for our FET yesterday so 🤞🏻 in the horrendous 2WW! Good luck all xx

Happydayzz Wed 14-Aug-19 21:30:16

Argghhh,... seems like half our time is spent waiting and counting down! I had my first scan today and so far so good me hopes. 5 follicles on the right and 3-4 on the left developing on the left.. and if all goes well I am hoping EC next week.... it's quality not quantity right?!

Anyways I hope all you ladies are all doing well! xx

DawnK77 Wed 14-Aug-19 23:20:22

Hiya all can I join? I'm going in Monday for FET transfer.

Does anyone elses medication give them a very bad stomach?
I'm on the prognova tablets one three times a day.
The Evo hormone patches
Just started the presseries,two twice a day
Metformin - normally gives a bit of a bad stomach but is worse this week , wondered how everyone else gets on?

GreyC Wed 14-Aug-19 23:24:59

I start next week with down reg! On buserelin. Nervous but excited. Hope it all goes to plan!

Happydayzz Thu 15-Aug-19 22:44:54

LouLouB1987 - I'm so sorry to hear about your mc, that must have been awful for you. I hope all goes well with with your FET. Fingers and toes crossed! x

DawnK77 - Good luck with FET for Monday! I had quite a few side effects with my last protocol. I had a couple of days where I experienced migraines, bloating and there was one day when my tummy was upset as well. Wasn't sure if it was something I ate or the meds as it only happended over the course of a day or so. If you are unsure it might be worth checking in with the nurses.

LillyLeaf Fri 16-Aug-19 08:21:48

Well looks like I will be starting next week. I don't have my protocol yet but I will stop norethisterone this weekend, see the nurse to go through protocol (probably short) on Monday, hopefully AF will arrive about Wednesday then we're off. I was massively hoping to be doing a FET but all my embryos were pgs abnormal so I'll be doing a retrieval cycle and pgs testing again in the hope to get at least 1 normal embryo this time. Good luck everyone.

Brambles7 Sat 17-Aug-19 09:56:31

Hi can I join in too?

I started down reg at the end of July, on day 9 of stimms with my first scan yesterday showing a decent lining of 10mm and some good follicle growth. Hoping for EC next week.
This is my second cycle. My first I had 2 embryos transferred neither of which were great quality so ended in BFN. They’ve upped my dosage of stimming meds as I responded slowly last time, so hopefully doing better this time.

Good luck to everyone! And yes my tummy has been upset by the drugs quite a bit this round! Water and probiotics have been my friends to help this.

Happydayzz Sat 17-Aug-19 15:04:54

I'm sorry to hear that Lillyleaf. I wish you better success on your next cycle. As I am in the older category I was thinking of requesting a pgs test if I am lucky enough to have anything to test. I read up that the NHS don't fund the cost of the testing? I was curious to know if you are NHS funded or private and what the costs may be if your dont mind me asking?

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