High DNA Fragmentation success stories?

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Irishgirl2015 Thu 08-Aug-19 14:30:14

@AnnaSteen - we are going down the TESE route with a clinic in Ireland soon. We have had 2 rounds at this stage, both with huge drop offs from day 3 to 5. Consultant and Urologist are putting it down to borderline DNA fragmentation. Hubble did a recent round of antibiotics so hopefully this time will work!

Have you made any progress since?

Viletta Wed 07-Aug-19 18:25:10

Hi there, although we are still waiting for bfp our first round of IVF we had 3 eggs out of 7 fertilised. Second round we used Picsi or Macs and had all 9 eggs fertilized! This resulted in 3 blasts, 2 went into freezer, which i am very happy with. General icsi won't pick up good dna sperm. Read about picsi and macs methods. Good luck!

AnnaSteen Sun 21-Jul-19 17:57:39

Thanks so much for letting me know. I will ask our consultant about TESE!!

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hoping2018 Sat 20-Jul-19 21:15:43

Hello, we had ICSI for my husbands borderline sperm results combined with my high fsh (they said we probably could conceive on our own but it may take a very long time and because of me we didn’t have the luxury of time.) the cycle went terribly and although I got 20 eggs and 14 fertilised there was a quality problem and they all died off - had one poor quality blast transferred and a bfn.

Second cycle we tested dna fragmentation - it was borderline high. Consultant suggested surgical retrieval of sperm - we did this. 13 fertilised this time, still had quite a few die off but I now have one healthy almost 6 month old son! And 2 embryos on ice - TESE seemed to make all the difference for us. Good luck

AnnaSteen Sat 20-Jul-19 16:01:02

Thanks. I hadn’t heard about the antibiotics. We are going to go another round with our clinic as last time I responded badly and they are upping my meds to see if my response improves and they’re very convenient to my work but if we still get a bad response I have been looking into Lister and Dr Jonathan Ramsey as he seems to be the expert in this area. We are in Ireland so it would mean moving to a Uk clinic so I think having information about whether a higher dose of stims works better for me would be good to have before going to UK!

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 17-Jul-19 08:32:39

I'm surprised your consultant said that ICSI is the treatment for high dna fragmentation.......it really isn't! The treatment is actually a course of drugs for a couple of months.

There is no outward sign on the sperm that it has DNA fragmentation

The reason you didn't get embryos to blastocyst for day 3 and had nothing to freeze is down to the sperm - sperm quality takes over day 3 to make it into a blastocyst - day a 1to3 are determined more my egg quality

Your consultant is setting you up for another failed round so I would be looking for an alternative opinion ASAP because everything they are telling you is wrong

AnnaSteen Tue 16-Jul-19 20:39:55

My DH has a low sperm count. He went 100% on healthy lifestyle/supplements and improved it to the lower end of normal (2mil to 18mil). We did a DNA Frag test then and it came back with a result of 52% which is very high....our consultant doesn’t care about the DNA Frag test as she said ICSI is the treatment for high Frag and low sperm count anyway (we’ve done one failed round. Poor embryo growth and nothing to freeze). I’ve read that removal of sperm from the testicles can help reduce fragmentation. I would love to hear any of your stories as our consultant isn’t a lot of help.

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