Cervical Stenosis and infertility

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Blondeshavemorefun Fri 19-Jul-19 19:45:33

Tbh I’m sure you won’t get ivf as hubby has a child

Same as me. Unfair that I’m the be one with problems and that lose my nhs go but that’s it

Suprised they haven’t said this about ivf yet

You will be entitled to nhs cervical dilation and lap and due but not ivf

Chihels Fri 19-Jul-19 18:08:22

The long waiting is so frustrating in deed, and as one lady mentioned above ''Tho I was told as had regular periods that if blood could get down then sperm could get up'' be very strong and keep positive thoughts regardless and while you are waiting please check out this site bit.ly/WomanFertility

198435years Thu 18-Jul-19 06:51:40

So frustrating isn't it and so emotional. Thank you for sharing what you've been through and I'm so pleased you have got there. When it's done, they have said I can be put on to clomid. So I just need to maybe wait it out but maybe be abit more pushy going forward. Could try for cancellations maybe. And maybe look to other routes mentioned if we aren't excepted with husband having a child.

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windy2909 Thu 18-Jul-19 02:55:13

Hi there, this happened to me too. I had a freeze all due to OHSS in March last year and my first FET had to be cancelled at the beginning of June as they were unable to get catheter through my cervix. We had gone private for fertility treatment to avoid waiting on NHS, but I was referred back to NHS for a hysteroscopy and cervical dilation. Whilst waiting for these I became so frustrated and fed up of waiting I priced going private and got quoted around £2500 (if I remember correctly). Before deciding to go ahead I got a date to get it done with NHS in October. Had it done then and pushed for FET ASAP afterwards. That transfer was successful and I am currently sat feeding my 3 week old baby. My research at the time didn’t come up with much, which led me to believe that cervical stenosis is quite rare. This is just a short summary of my own experience. Sorry you’re going through similar. Feel free to ask questions if I’ve missed anything out. Best wishes x

198435years Wed 17-Jul-19 22:17:53

Oh I'm so glad to hear that!

No Mother Nature defo doesn't play ball and you can't plan life I've come to realise.

Feels like this journey might only just be beginning for us. Even though it feels like it's taken for ever to get here with no luck.

Can only try and stay positive. Thank you.

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Blondeshavemorefun Wed 17-Jul-19 21:37:33

Sorry I should have said. 5th ivf - 3rd abroad and fet from cycle 3 was my first ever bfp. That was July 2016

Dd is now 2.3 and amazing and my world

I’m 46 on Friday so slightly older then I wanted to be. Almost 44 When gave birth rather then 32 but as we all know Mother nature doesn’t always play ball x

Good luck
Def look abroad. Ivf is so much cheaper and if hubby has children you won’t get nhs ivf

198435years Wed 17-Jul-19 19:46:16

What a lot to go through! Gosh. You must have had to have been so strong.

Sounds similar and the fact it could be a reoccurring issue isn't going to help.

My husband has a child from a previous relationship and I have wondered weather further along we'll be told 'no sorry' because he's ok and that really doesn't seem fair.

Hadn't even thought of abroad you know. So that's something to consider. Thank you for replying. I've not been able to find much on the internet about this cervix thing. I really do wish you some joy soon. Fingers crossed for you both.

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Blondeshavemorefun Wed 17-Jul-19 13:38:41

This sounds like me tho didn’t reliese at the time

Lap and dye test was done under general as could get tube up me awake and doc told me they did a cervical dilation as well while under - all nhs and was advised to do ivf ASAP due to my age 38/39 I think

Had to be private as partner has kids in 20’s so I lost my bag go

1&2 egg collection very painful

On 3rd cycle abroad Doc did a mock ivf and found cervix was shut like a clam

I had cervical dilation done abroad as 1) much cheaper and 2) wanted same doc to do both op and ivf

Need to find my notes but think op was about £600 plus flights plus night in hotel. Flights were cheap. Maybe 60 and hotel was £35

When I asked about private cervical dilation in UK was told about £3k 🙀🙀🙀🙀

Tho I was told as had regular periods that if blood could get down then sperm could get up

I now always wonder if the lasering and freezing cancerous cells 25yrs who made a diff and why I was Infertile

I ttc for 10yrs and not a whiff of preg

198435years Mon 15-Jul-19 19:34:54

We'd have to look at finance so not straight away but if it's the difference between getting sorting within a month or waiting another 6 months it's tempting to try and sort.

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Pleaseletitbeme Mon 15-Jul-19 19:15:58

Are you in a position to go

198435years Mon 15-Jul-19 18:50:35

Operation for precancerous cells on the cervix at 21. TTC for 2+ years. Currently with the NHS fertility clinic. Hormone checks and semen analysis all ok. During a fertility appointment at the clinic I was told the cervix was tiny so they did a quick dilation (nothing too painful). This could have been the problem. The month after I got caught pregnant but it unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks. The miscarriage took a long time to be over, with it taking 4 months for my hcg levels to drop and to get my first period back. Then I had to wait on the fertility appointment list for 4 months. With having being caught naturally, they weren’t willing to see me straight away. 4 months later returned to be told the cervix is closed again following the miscarriage. I’m now waiting for a letter for an appointment to do the cervix dilation again and the fallopian tube dye test at the same time. The waiting time we are looking at is now 5/6 months. I feel so frustrated and upset. Time is flying by but we aren’t getting anywhere and I feel we are playing the longest waiting game. Have considered going private but worried about realistically affording it.

Has anyone had any experience of this cervix issue? If so what are the opinions on going private for something like this?

I don’t want to forfeit my place with the NHS as they have been good but everything is such a long wait. I feel if the cervix could be sorted out sooner we stand a chance on our own. By the time I get this NHS appointment we’ll be looking at closer to 3 years TTC and years of worry and stress.

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