Bleeding in early pregnancy

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RUBIEANN Sat 13-Jul-19 01:36:58

I am sitting at home wondering what is happening with my body.
FET 2 weeks 1 day ago
Started bleeding a week later (last sat) which has continued this week.
Hcg rising:
7dp5dt 99
12dp5dt 620
14 dp5dt 1320
Still bleeding bright red blood. Had scan yesterday would be 4 weeks 5 days. At this time cervix closed. Possible sac could not confirm to early.
Am i going to misscarry?
Why is the process taking so long?
Why is hcg rising.

Anyone had a similar experience. I am preparing for the worst but keep getting hope with rising hcg.
Thanks guys.

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Littlelot Sat 13-Jul-19 07:56:31


I’m in a similar boat, I have a scan booked for next wed when I’ll be exactly 7weeks but I’ve had spotting everyday now since Monday. I posted a few days ago and people were really supportive and from both their posts and speaking to my nurse and the EPU it seems that basically the spotting could be something or could be nothing. As I have a scan booked for next week they are not doing bloods or anything else and have just said to wait and see. I’m trying to stay positive but somehow also prepare for the worse. In reality, I’m not giving up hope and while I haven’t had any cramps and the spotting doesn’t seem to be getting worse then I’m hoping it will all be okay but am not thinking any further ahead than Wednesday. I’m trying to keep my brain occupied - am even doing extra GCSE marking beyond my contract so I can’t just think about this pregnancy. Stupid as it sounds I’ve also found being outside and pottering in the garden to be the one thing that really relaxes me (lots of evidence to show that being in nature is one of the most effective stress relievers).

Sorry that post was much longer than intended - basically the waiting is horrible and apparently IVF pregnancies are more likely to have some bleeding and it’s just another waiting game. But I know how you feel - and it is nice to come onto forums like this and know that there are people who have been through similar.

Best of luck and fingers crossed! Be kind to yourself!

Claudie86 Sat 13-Jul-19 14:10:51

Hi Claire,

I'm ging through something similar at the moment. Last Tuesday I had my second beta which was really great. So far I've had these numbers:
1st beta: 145 HGC 14DP3DT
2nd beta: 2059 HCG 21DP3DT

That same day I got the results of my 2nd beta I started bleeding heavily and cramping. I went to see my gynaecologist and she said she could still see the gestational sac and my cervix was closed. I went home and took it easy. The next day I still had heavy cramping and something came out which I've never seen. It looked like tissue or something, but I was sure it was my tiny baby. The day after, on Thursday I booked another appointment just to have it checked out, and again she still saw the gestational sack and my cervix was still closed. I'm still bleeding and have cramping...

I'm having a hard time dealing with the insecurity and all the waiting. If it's a MC I just want to know now and get it over with sad. My next appointment is on Wednesday...

I was so happy with my BFP, but I'm in such a dark place right now.

@RUBIEANN what happened with you since last week? Hope all is well with you

Teddybear45 Sat 13-Jul-19 14:12:05

Bleeding can be normal in IVF pregnancies due to the hormones provided. Suggest you get on the progesterone pesseries if you are not on them at the moment, and see what happens.

Claudie86 Sat 13-Jul-19 14:21:34

@Teddybear45 Hopefully it's the hormones or something else indeed, I'll just need to be more patient. Currently on progesterone pessaries 3x daily + estrogen due to FET.

BlueMoon1103 Sat 13-Jul-19 14:22:46

I bled 3 times in early pregnancy and my rainbow baby is now 4 months old, there is hope smile

ivfround3zoe Sat 13-Jul-19 14:36:01

Ok so Iv been here!! I'm 14 1/2 weeks pregnant with 3rd round of ivf. Since 4 weeks I had bled but gushes bright red and severe cramps I was convinced I was having a miscarriage it was so bad. This happened 4 times. When I cramped it was very bad like my uterus was contracting. After the cramps was a huge fish of bright red blood every time. Was terrifying , but I was diagnosed with a subchronic hematoma which scared me so so much. To cut a long story short I haven't bled now for about 4 weeks and it's slowy going. Baby has been fine each scan I have had! I pray for you all but it can happen even though you fear the worst i was 100% I was having a miscarriage it was that bad xxx


RUBIEANN Sun 14-Jul-19 07:00:00

Hi guys,

It's very reassuring to know I am not alone. Unfortunately at this stage I am loosing hope. Passed a very large clot yesterday morning and have been bleeding since. Mild cramping. I will have another hcg test tomorrow.
Claudia how are you now?? it's so hard going through this. I have a 5 year old as result of 3 goes at ivf. This fet was the third and first time falling pregnant. Was thrilled to get a positive test but did not expect this roller coaster.

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Claudie86 Sun 14-Jul-19 08:27:59

Thank you for the hope you're giving me! @BlueMoon1103 @ivfround3zoe

@RUBIEANN it's definitely a rollercoaster, isn't it... I can really understand how you're feeling. I hope for you that the test tomorrow gives you clarity on what is happening. I'm praying for positive news for you!

I'm still having cramping and today the bleeding more or less stopped, but I'm pretty sure the bleeding will be back - I can feel the cramping increasing so it's just a matter of time.
I did a Clearblue test this morning and it said pregnant 1-2 weeks, HGC levels seem to be declining... Almost 2 weeks ago it said pregnant 2-3 weeks, so it should definitely have said 3+ this morning. So I think I'm having a MC but my body has problems letting go of the baby. Is that possible? I have an appointment with my gynaecologist on Wednesday, so 2 more days until I can get that confirmed.

Claudie86 Tue 16-Jul-19 18:21:40

@RUBIEANN how was your test yesterday?

RUBIEANN Tue 16-Jul-19 22:50:48

Hi sorry I have had a lot going on. Not good news unfortunately they confirmed misscarriage, they said they will follow my hcg level back down now to make sure its dropping and I don't need d&c. I'm struggling to remain strong but trying my best.
What bout you, how are you doing @Claudie86.

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Claudie86 Thu 18-Jul-19 08:45:42

Hang in there *@RUBIEANN*, I feel for you! I had my appointment yesterday and the ultrasound confirmed I also had a miscarriage. Yesterday I felt ok, I was sort of happy I finally had clarity but today it has hit me like a ton of bricks again. Fortunately I don't need a D&C either. We still have 1 frozen embryo so I'm thinking of aiming for September or October to try again. At least letting one period pass before starting all the meds again. My mind and body really need a break! Take care of yourself *@RUBIEANN*!

Cutesbabasmummy Mon 22-Jul-19 18:00:35

ivfroundzoe I was wondering how you had got on. Good news xx

ivfround3zoe Mon 22-Jul-19 18:59:50

@Cutesbabasmummy awwww sorry I never got back to you thank you xxx

RUBIEANN Mon 22-Jul-19 22:37:49

Sorry just noticed I had an email notification. So sorry to hear this Claudia stay strong. I too have 1 frozen embryo left praying for a miracle for the bith of us.

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