Vitamins and minerals questions ( long post)

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Peaches2018 Thu 11-Jul-19 22:16:56

Thanks @Littlelot he likes to snack so I'm sure a handful of mixed nuts should be no problem then wink
@bionicnemonic I'm always looking at the purest form or ingredients as well but you've mentioned a few brands I don't know yet, thanks a lot!! I'll definitely look into it.

In case anyone comes along here and would know a more or less answer on my question: would it be possible for a low sperm count (say 40 or 50%) but reasonable motility to still get pregnant naturally without the IVF?

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bionicnemonic Thu 11-Jul-19 19:28:41

If you go the supplements route I'd make sure they were really good quality ones too (Kudos or Solgar or Jarrow or BioCare are all good brands) some don't have much in the way of helpful ingredients
Good luck!

Littlelot Thu 11-Jul-19 19:13:55

Get him to eat a handful of mixed nuts everyday. Lots of scientific research to back up that they work.

Peaches2018 Thu 11-Jul-19 17:52:00

Hi everyonesmile

I'm stuck with a ton of questions and not really a place to get answers for them so, of course, I come to Mumsnet 👍🏼

Me (32) and DH (33) are proud parents to DS (1) after a round of IVF-ICSI. We couldn't be happier and more grateful especially since we got our DS on the first cycle and that seems to be very rare according to our fertility specialist.
Before we did IVF I got DH on a bunch of vitamins and he ate quite well/ healthy and we were able to boost his motility and sperm count up a bit.
We'd love to have more children and we've already started to think about LO nr 2 but we wouldn't be eligible for NHS IVF because we've had one healthy baby on the NHS cycle so I'm going down the eating healthy/ more vitamins and prepping my body to the max to get pregnant again.
DH is a total opposite of me doesn't/ can't eat very healthy/ hates taking pills and his job means he's on his feet all day/ not a lot of rest.
Would it be possible if I more or less "force" the vitamins on DH for a longer period of time and try to get as many healthy foods in him as possible grin
We've seen the SA results that before and after taking supplements it made a difference so I was hoping that if he'd take vitamins over a longer-term it might help even more? Has anyone else done this? Any experience with taking vitamins and minerals over a longer period of time? Would his sperm quality decrease at a certain point of keep on improving if you keep the good work up so to say?
Thanks a lot for any advice or informationflowersflowers

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