IVF (Donor Eggs) Alicante - clinic some/any advice please!!

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Keepyourginup Thu 11-Jul-19 16:16:59

Hi lovely ladies
New to this and hoping I can tap into the massive amount of experience and wisdom there seems to be on this site please....
We've recently had 2 failed rounds of IVF (At Care, with own eggs)...both times got 2 good embryos but they didn't take..(For background it's secondary infertility - no known cause, 1 child conceived 10 years ago without assistance, I'm 42 now).
We are now thinking about using an egg donor and for various reasons have decided to go to Spain for treatment. From what I have read, some of the clinics sound amazing and we have access to a family holiday apartment in the Alicante region so have settled on Alicante. Also after years of investigations and treatments in UK clinics, we are feeling pretty jaded and would like to try something completely different...hence another reason for Spain.
I've had a phone call with a lady at IVI Alicante this morning....I'm waiting for a call back to confirm a date for a possible consultation appointment next month (we are on holiday in the region).
I've also sent an e mail to IB clinic in Alicante and I'm waiting for a call back.
Can anyone offer advice please?! It is a whole new area for me....we are looking at Alicante only so any experiences (good or bad) for clinics in this region please. Also, can anyone advise on pricing? The websites give what seems to be a rough price....but not sure exactly what this includes and I can't find any pricing for any of the money back/guarantee pricing that some of the clinics offer.
So ANY advice would be most appreciated!!
(I have logged onto Fertility Freinds website but I can't find answers to the questions I've asked above)
Many thanks

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