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Day1 short protocol IVF/ICSI

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navyaUK Tue 09-Jul-19 10:56:06


Its day one of my short protocol. First time IVF at age of 42. Blaming it on Mr right being too slow to appear. We have a miscarriage in April, now going down IVF/ ICSI route due to our age and low morphology and doctor wants to do PGS.
I will be doing injections alone as hubby is travelling for most days, super nervous but do have a very understanding doctor.

Anyone out there in the same boat?

soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Jul-19 15:31:05

Just bumping this thread for you, @navyaUK - hopefully someone will be along soon with some advice. flowers

AliceAbsolum Wed 10-Jul-19 15:45:05

You may want to join the July ICSI thread

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