Infertility, clomid and next steps

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Lullabywish Thu 04-Jul-19 14:16:04

Hi Everyone, I've just done my 5th month on Clomid (first month of 100mg) my period is 7 days late and all pregnancy tests I've done have been negative and I've just started spotting today so I'm feeling particularly disheartened. I'm not I terested in doing my 6th and last month of Clomid as I feel it just isn't working for me. A lot of threads I read people have been monitored while on Clomid to see if the ovulate and I haven't been because out hospital doesn't have the resources apparently. I want to move onto the next step as it's been over two years TTC now. Can anyone offer any help advice, similar experience, success stories.... I need a lift xxx

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