How long after a miscarriage did you have a FET?

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mouse1234567 Wed 03-Jul-19 08:18:55

Had a recent miscarriage -it was early at 5w5d. Trying to keep focused and stay positive. How soon did you do your next FET? Or fresh cycle? Trying to be realistic with my expectations. Thanks all.

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LillyLeaf Wed 03-Jul-19 10:55:40

From the MC bleed to AF was 42 days, then cd21 I started to down reg, had another af, then transferred that cycle. That was my first MC. I'm currently waiting for my AF after my second MC and hoping to do the same thing this time. The waiting is awful, I'm on cd24 and I think I ovulated 2 days ago, so hopefully AF in about 10 days or so.

mouse1234567 Wed 03-Jul-19 11:17:11

@LillyLeaf thanks for this info. I’m so sorry you have had two mc. It’s heart breaking. All the best for your next round. I’m a teacher and was hoping I could get a transfer in over my summer hols but realistically I don’t think that would give me time to downreg.

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LillyLeaf Wed 03-Jul-19 11:24:06

I suppose it depends what protocol you'll be on, you might not need to down reg and also there is the natural FET option where you could transfer sooner in your next cycle. Have you had a follow up appointment yet?

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 03-Jul-19 12:20:06

I had a naturally conceived miscarriage at the end of April - got my period 4 weeks later and then ovulated 2 weeks after that - did FET 5 days later

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