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KirstySss Wed 03-Jul-19 03:19:39

I wanted to start at the beginning. Sorry for the long thread. My name is Kirsty(29) and my husband is Gary(38). We started ttc in 2012 and after one year without success we visited our GP. Unfortunately, after many tests we were told I had blocked Fallopian Tubes and we would require IVF treatment if we ever wanted to conceive. We were entitled to IVF treatment through the NHS which we were grateful for, after an agonising one year wait we finally attended our first IVF appointment, we signed many consent forms and we were starting our journey. Unfortunately, in 2015 my husband developed a painful leg and when referred to hospital and we were told my husband had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. Our IVF treatment was postponed, after 6 months of chemotherapy my husband went into remission. We received 3 treatment cycles. Our first treatment I had 8 eggs retrieved but all were post mature, our second treatment no eggs were retrieved, on our third attempt I had 18 eggs retrieved and 16 fertilised. We only had one embryo which made it to implantation. That embryo was implanted and I couldn't believe my eyes when we finally got our positive pregnancy test. One week later I started bleeding and we lost our longed for baby. It was another devastating blow. Soon after our miscarriage we received the news that my husbands cancer had returned and he started a trial treatment which lasted 2 years. This treatment worked and my husband went into remission in 2018. I received a rare operation to unblock my Fallopian Tubes in 2018. I am currently waiting on a HSG scan to confirm if my Fallopian Tubes are still unblocked as it has been 1 year since my operation and I still haven't got pregnant. I was told yesterday after blood work that I am also not ovulating. My husband and I work very hard but we don't think we will ever have a baby of our own as it is hard to save for IVF. My husband has also just been diagnosed with cancer again this time Kidney. If anyone has any information or advice I would really appreciate it.

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Landofpassiveaggressiva Wed 03-Jul-19 16:41:04

So sorry to hear about your story @KirstySss, it sounds so difficult. The only thing I guess I can say is that with your third IVF attempt getting so many eggs that maybe they found a medication regime that would work for you so if you did manage to save for private IVF theres a chance it could be successful. If the HSG shows blockage is better there’s also the option of ovarian stimulation drugs (how I conceived my boy) which you’d be entitled to on the NHS so don’t give up hope xxx

KirstySss Wed 03-Jul-19 17:40:24

@Landofpassiveaggressiva Thabk you so much for you kind message. We are always positive no matter what we are going through. With our last IVF our doctor researched journals and spoke with other doctors and they had a panel meeting to discuss our treatment. Our treatment plan was adjusted at the end and I think that's how it was so successful. If you don't mind me asking hope I don't sound dumb here, what are the Ovarian stimulation drugs? What is their purpose? Did it take you long to conceive once you started the treatment? Sorry for a long response just like my post but I do a lot of research every part of our journey I have researched and I like to know my options and all the information. Thank you again for responded to my essay message. LOL.

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Landofpassiveaggressiva Wed 03-Jul-19 18:49:13

@KirstySss There’s two stimulatory drugs commonly used clomid and letrozole, they’re often prescribed for PCOS and anovulatory infertility but can be prescribed for unexplained. They basically help you to ovulate so you have some nasty side effects like the IVF drugs and a risk of multiples. They wouldn’t have been an option for you before with the blockages but may be now! I took 6 months of clomid which didn’t work well for me, then 6 months of letrozole and got pregnant on the 6th month. Sounds like long when I say it like that but a lot of my friends got pregnant on clomid months 2-4 or letrozole months 2-4, so it is a good option for people who don’t ovulate! It’s not a miracle wonder drug that works for everyone though but it does work for some!

KirstySss Wed 03-Jul-19 20:50:26

@Landofpassiveaggressiva Thank you for the information. Its is greatly appreciated. I will mention it to my doctor once I see what my scan reveals once I get it. Hopefully won't be long. I say we have waited 7 years what's another 12 months if that was the time it took to work. Is it tablets every day? Sorry for all the questions. I really do appreciate you taking your time to reply to me and answer my questions. I hope you don't mind me asking where you are from? That's great you have your little boy. X

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