Clomid or not??

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Psychologika Mon 01-Jul-19 20:30:22

If you're asking, you still have hope which means that if you don't the potential "missed opportunity" might be too much to deal with.

SewingWarriorQueen76 Mon 01-Jul-19 19:10:16

I used to be regular as anything, even under stress. It's now from 28, to 32, to 21, 21 so it shifted.

You do have a point. DH has got to a not bothered either way, feel about it. I just need to decide and being a bit practical, it still might not happen.

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Psychologika Mon 01-Jul-19 18:58:38

Are you ovulating regularly? If so it probably won't make that much difference, especially if there is Male factor at play.

That said, at 43, I'd do it. You'll always wonder "what if", and it could really rot your relationship away.

Good luck. All of my best wishes.

SewingWarriorQueen76 Mon 01-Jul-19 18:54:30

I know this is probably a question you shouldn't ask strangers on the Internet but I'm having trouble processing this info.
Backstory TTC for 2 years before I got pg with daughter now 8.

Difficult birth, lots of MH issues afterwards but I came through. Brilliant DH, who then fell apart. We decided enough was enough, he then changed his mind and I thought OK.
He's now OK & we've been TTC for 2 1/2 years. Not a sniff of anything& my periods are wandering.

Results are really not great for him. I had a laproscopy to check it wasn't me. NHS won't fund anything, & didn't expect them to tbh, so on post op check up wasn't expecting anything. I am going to 43 this year. Consultant has given me Clomid and offering injections if that doesn't work.

We had put this almost behind us but I just can't make my mind up whether to take it or not. Its a kind of now or never moment and I'm usually so straight, this time I'm going round and round.
Anyone else been through this bit.

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