Dental dilemma during 2WW

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35counting Mon 01-Jul-19 12:45:40

Hi all

I'm on round 4, had embryo transfer of a top quality blastocyst on Saturday (5 days) and don't want to do anything to scupper our chances as we haven't got anything (nor have we ever had anything) in the freezer.

The dentist has been telling me I need a filling re-done for a while (possibly as a root canal) and I've been putting it off whilst having treatment as it wasn't bothering me. Sod's law I woke up at 5am on Sunday with proper tooth ache. It's not as painful as it was but I think I will have to do something about it sooner rather than later now.

I hate the dentist, I find it one of the most stressful experiences and usually come out sweating with my heart rate through the roof just after a check up! I'm worried that that physical stress might impede my chances of implantation so really don't want to go during the 2WW.

I'd like to know whether anyone has been in a similar position and what they decided to do. Do I hold off and risk it getting even worse or just brave it and go now? I'm thinking I may try and hold out until test date but if it is a BFP will I then be risking the pregnancy?

The clinic say it's fine to go and just to tell them I'm pregnant but that doesn't take account of my stress levels! Any advice (particularly from those in the dental profession) would be appreciated! Thanks

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