Where can I get NK testing done?

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Zest11 Mon 01-Jul-19 10:13:24

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have "unexplained" infertility and in around 2.5 years we have had 1 natural cp and some failed IUIs. We are currently undergoing our 1 NHS funded round of IVF. If it does not work I would like to get the immune testing before potentially wasting thousands more pounds (I know the immune testing is v expensive itself) on failed IVFs. Thing is, our clinic doesn't offer it and at this stage I don't think we want to change. I have searched on google and it only seems to be offered if you're doing IVF with the clinics offering it. Is there anyway round this? We are based in the south but to be honest, I don't mind travelling for the test.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 01-Jul-19 19:24:24

Do you mean the NK cells test? I know a place at Warwick uni does it and it's about £500 but to be honest the treatment is usually a dose of steroids (prednisolone) twice a day from day of ovulation until you get a BFP/BFN and most private ivf clinics proscribe it as standard if you have a history of early miscarriage - I'm guessing it wasn't offered on the NHS?

Zest11 Mon 01-Jul-19 20:50:05

Yes, that's the one, thank you. I was actually at my clinic today and I asked them about it. They said Coventry so I think I will do that. I don't suppose you know any other tests that I could do? And yes it is NHS so I would have to pay. I think it's about getting the right balance as obviously the NHS don't so everything but I get the impression there are some clinics which are just money grabbing!

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