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StarlyBeee Mon 24-Jun-19 20:38:04

Anyone here in their 2WW!?

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Ginger951 Mon 24-Jun-19 20:54:12

Hi StarlyBeee, I'm also in my 2ww. The most hated bit of all!!
Had a FET on Wednesday, 5 day blastocyst of a good grade. Had a fresh cycle back in jan/Feb that ended in a BFN, in fact I started bleeding before my test date. Which was horrible! Is this your first cycle?

StarlyBeee Mon 24-Jun-19 23:17:38

Aww that's amazing!! I also had my fresh cycle in February and ended in BFN I was so stressed with it all I am coping better this time.. how are you finding it? My transfer date was Friday so I'm a few days behind you hehe but would love to see how you get on!! I had a 5 day blastocyst 4AB transferred and feeling ok! I'm so excited but nervous eeeeek.

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StarlyBeee Mon 24-Jun-19 23:19:15

Sorry to hear about your last cycle also but I believe everything happens for a reason and things crossed this is our shot eh!!

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Ginger951 Tue 25-Jun-19 07:48:11

I believe that to, last time I had no idea what to expect from any of it and my transfer was a nightmare and I'm sorry to hear you've been through the same negative cycle.
I've been a lot more relaxed this time, was on hoilday for a week till the day before my transfer and I've almost been off work since, just been doing little bits.
Feeling better this time I think.. by this point last time I knew it hadn't worked. Just in my gut knew and had it confirmed a few days later with a BFN, day after that my period started. But it meant I could warn my DH as he truly thought it would work first time.
This time transfer was easy! And since Thursday evening I've had this dull ache front and back. Was on and off to start but since Saturday evening it's been constant, makes it so hard to get comfortable at night as it feels like the right side is going to fall out! Lol not sure if it's the drugs or the transfer or a good sign. Keep telling myself it's the drugs but I have been on the pills and pessaries a week before it started. Had twinges but only right side. Not getting my hopes up yet! Testing Saturday and not before.
How about u? How u feeling? Any signs so far?

StarlyBeee Tue 25-Jun-19 09:40:30

Horrible isn't it! I had a feeling it didn't work to last time and my DH was so excited I actually struggled with how devastated he was but this time is he is quite closed off about it all so hence why I have joined here instead of just googling haha! I have spoken to him about it but I don't get any deep conversations! He says he's scared to get excited again... last time I googled every symptom but tested early from day 8 and found that better because I was prepare for it. What hospital are you at? Because mine don't do blood tests they make you take a test at home then they ring you to see how you got on!
What happened with your last transfer then, why was it a bad experience?

As for you dull aches it definitely could be something but I just think we can call because of the progesterone.. I just want to know hahah!! I am going to test early from Thursday I think blush it's an easier blow for me than waiting and then finding out sad I'm still taking oestrogen and the pessaries so I'm trying not to over analyse but I have definitely had cramping quite abit and yesterday and day before I had like a stitch feeling in my uterus which was weird!!!! when is your test date then? Xxx

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Ginger951 Tue 25-Jun-19 10:26:03

It amazed me how my body just knew. Which is what makes this time so frustrating! The hope that your wrong lives on even in your gut even if you know. My DH is just the same! Trying so hard not to get hopeful but I can see it in his eyes. Part of me wishes i could test early without telling him so I could prepare us both but he made me promise before we started that I would only ever test with him there. Not that he clearly knows me well or anything! And Google is the worst! Can't seem to help myself! I swear I know more about the female body and fertilty/early pregancy than all the women in my family!

Mine just do at home tests as well. My official date is next Tuesday (2nd), I don't know what they do if it's positive. Never had a positive test to know! I'm with Care between their Milton Keynes and Northampton clinics. You?
Last time I was nervous, they said full ish bladder and I forgot to account for the fact I have a steel bladder! Lol not kidding! Was about to burst! I never seem to notice I need to go until I'm absoloulty busting! Lol but doctor was super angry and grumpy. Atmosphere was terrible, he kept grumbling at the ultrasound lady because she could get a picture. And then when it was done told me he thought I had a structural issue, maybe a dual cervix and that I should get a 3d scan to confirm for next time. The looks on our faces must have said it all because he then corrected himself with well if this doesn't work. We walked away wondering if it had even been done right and I will never know. Anyway DH went mad! And so this time we had the medical director do the transfer. And she was fantastic! I didn't have a full bladder and we actually got to see the transfer done. Was a much better experience!

How long have u been trying if you don't mind me asking? It's been 2 1/2 years for us.

StarlyBeee Tue 25-Jun-19 11:11:04

I know exactly what you mean Ginger! You do have a gut feeling don't you. Well that doctor sounds like an A** Hole to me and I'm glad you got the enjoy the experience this second time around. The full bladder Thing is a nightmare.. the first time they laughed at how full it was 😂😂 it looked huge and I actually nearly peed during transfer when they started lol. That's what you get when you don't pee all day cause your a dork! Lol this time I was desperate and then had to go to let abit out then I let to much out and had to drink more resulting in me being bustin again hahahah.. madness but it's all part and parcel! My last embryo was a 5AA and they were so positive with it working so I was gutted.. my down reg was for four months before because I had endometriosis a few years back - OMG prostap is evil I turnt into the devil and would go mad at the smallest of things 😢
We ended up with the blastocysts and two in freezer, this one thawed well but the one I have left is abit slow it took 6 days to get to blastocyst so that worries me.. we have names him Drew- py


Aww wow so your down south I am at St marys in Manchester! So how old are you then sweet? We have been trying for 4 years and have struggled cause DH has 1% morphology and I had endometriosis and a blocked tube!
Our area only does one go free on NHS but just brought our first house in Cheshire and they do 2 so I'm wondering when I move doctors would I get another go?? If this doesn't work out of course.. how you feeling today? That's really sweet that you won't test without him we're the same I pee and go sit down and he comes and tells me what it says hahah xxxx

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Ginger951 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:46:20

I was just the same with my first transfer! I drank almost a litre before we left so an hour later I was about to die! Lol had to pee just a little when I got there, which is super super hard!!! Didn't go anywhere near enough, I'm sure that why they could get a picture on the scan. All you could see was my bladder!

I think when they are optimistic it makes it not working harder. I know it's part of their job but doesn't make it easier. 4 months down reg! Ouch! That sounds like hell! No wonder u felt so bad!
Last cycle left us with 4 good quality blastocysts, two mature, one blastocyst and one early blastocyst.
Drew-py! Haha that is a good nickname.

I'm 27 as is my other half. You?
We have male factor, same as your DH morphology/motility are always between 1-5% and count only ever around a million. When we had last cycle they needed two 'samples' haha, just to get the job done. Apparently the few good guys kept clumping together and it's not a team sport! Lol
But all the test so far have shown that I'm all good.
I know it can seem hopeless at times but my sister has the same issues as you and we both started ttc at the same time (unknown to us both at the time) and in August she will have her second baby. All you need is one clinger!

I don't know how the nhs stuff works. I would definatly try tho! Get the right GP and I'm sure they will do something to help. Bedfordshire only offers one cycle as well. I'm very lucky though along with our savings and a grandmother in law who is desperate for her first grandchild we have been able to privately fund our treatment so far.

Feeling better today. Was still uncomfortable overnight but today just been tender, I think is the best way to describe it. If nothing happens in the next few days I might get hopeful and start to wonder if it was something along implantion lines... no other signs either way otherwise. You?

Yes I think he wants to be involved in anyway he can. And it helps me to stop testing to early if I have to explain the science as to why I think we would get a fair result at that time. So cute that you guys are just the same!

StarlyBeee Tue 25-Jun-19 20:01:59

Haha it's not a team sport!! I love that 😂😂😂 to be fair it sounds like you have a great shot and sound like your in a strong position!! As for feeling uncomfortable, that intrigues me.. did you not get that from the pessaries last time?

I'm 27 and DH just turnt 30 so he says his clock is ticking lmao..
Thanks for saying about your sister it made me smile and really hope This time we will get some good news, like you I have never seen a positive and have practiced my reaction many many times hahahah

Today I have been meh! Bit crampy but again I just can't tell sad last time I was googling all these symptoms but this time I don't really have any apart from a stitch feeling twice - nothing since. I'm only 4dpt so it's early but if the embryo is going to implant it should have done so by tomorrow- talking of tomorrow back to work EUGHH!!

Some people get implantation bleeding but again had nothing...

So how far away are now from test day? I'm so excited for us both xxx

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Ginger951 Wed 26-Jun-19 11:32:04

No I didn't get any side effects from the pesseries last time. I was bloated from the egg collection and I had lots of side effects from the hcg in the trigger shot. But nothing like this. Still tender when laying down and right side is a little sore but not left. The fact it's worse when I lay down makes me wonder what the hell it is! Woke up this morning to a mild cramp all over for a few seconds and this horrible gut feeling that it hasn't worked. Told DH and he looked so disappointed. God I hope I'm wrong. Still a bit achey front and back, normally my pms are strong sharp cramps. Breath taking strong!

I've practiced my reaction too!! How I would tell DH and everyone else. Only thing that keeps me going.
Yeah still early days still. Fingers crossed those twinges were implantion.
I can't stop googling! I know it's not helpful but the not knowing is killing me and yet I'm so scared of testing.

Part of me wishes I could go back to work. But I have a very physical job which I've been told not to do at all during the 2ww. Which somehow makes it harder! No good distractions.

Test day is Saturday. Transfer was a week ago. Not sure how many dpo that makes me. Do they do the transfer on dpo 5 or 6? Embryo is a 5 day but it would be 6 days on the pessaries on transfer day? Not sure.

U still thinking of testing tomorrow? Xx

StarlyBeee Wed 26-Jun-19 12:07:55

You have to stay positive babe, it is hard today I have struggled also have been googling like hell! But will know soon enough. I am going to test Saturday morning as that gives me 8dpt so I can prepare myself and DH. I am feeling optimistic but can't visualise myself being that lucky!! Can't believe yours has been a week already this 2WW is going quicker for me..

Just keep an eye on the pain and if it gets past a normal pain you should get checked sweet!

Haha I have had conversations on my own in my car with what I would say to family and that makes me so excited and today I have gone completely over board and started googling names! I have officially lost it hahaha.

I'm off to work soon and work in a stressful job so had five days off just hoping that was enough! Bless you I can imagine your free time is making this constantly on your mind! Atleast I have had home renovations to think about!

Good question about dpo because the freezing part has confused me.. I'm sticking with what I already know 5 day embryo being 5 dpo

Keep positive I believe in the law of attraction!!

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Ginger951 Wed 26-Jun-19 19:02:46

I know. Was just such a sucky feeling to wake up to, you know? But then today I've just had the normal dull odd aches but it's all on my right side. Can literally pinpoint the spot under my skin! Which must be a good sign? Never had that before and the progestrone can cause cramps/aching all over but surely not in one particular spot? Makes me worry about ectopic but I wouldn't be able to feel that yet.

OMG! I have those same chats with myself in the car! It's always such a lovely past time! I can never imagine seeing those two lines. Never. But I've lived those happy moments a million times! I've already warned my husband that if or when it ever happens I am going to be a total bossy boots about how we tell people as I've had it planned for so long! Lol

What do u do? If u don't mind my asking. I'm a tree surgeon/landscape gardener plus I'm the manager/big boss lady in the fish and chip shop I own with my DH. But can't do any heavy lifting right now which is basicly everything I do! So just got a few evening shifts to keep me busy. And I love to be busy!

Poor DH is in the dumps today because he thinks my gut feeling this morning is right. It's so sweet how seriously he takes my gut feelings! Tried to reassure him but don't want to get his hopes up either.
So nice being able to talk to someone who gets it. smile if I say these things to him I worry i will jinx it somehow. Silly really.

StarlyBeee Wed 26-Jun-19 19:31:53

It's way to early for ectopic pregnancy babe! Its different and different is good!!!
Absolutely babe When I struggle I check to see if you have messaged back lol so agree it's nice to have someone to tell the things we would say to DH!!!

Haha were allowed to be bossy we worked hard for this!!!!

So i caved and I tested and there's a faint second line I think!!! Ahhhhhh I feel soooo sick 🤢 DH says that I should not believe it and do one tomorrow morning with first morning wee as I peed like an hour ago and it was only a dribbles worth. Hmm..

I have lost my head

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StarlyBeee Wed 26-Jun-19 20:31:55

What you reckon Ginger xxx

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StarlyBeee Wed 26-Jun-19 21:30:44

Ok I'm loosing my head where are you woman!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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Ginger951 Wed 26-Jun-19 22:33:17

Omg!sorry was having a terrible meal out with my parents!

I see it I see it!!!

Ginger951 Wed 26-Jun-19 22:48:17

I 100% see a second line there! And for evening dribble pee that's fantastic when u are only 5dpt!
I agree with your DH that to confirm you should test first thing and I will hold my congratulations till then. But I have everything crossed for you!
Ekk! So exciting!

Been having one sided aches again this afternoon/evening. Which makes me hopeful if I dare say it!
But dinner with parents was a distraction, was such a terrible meal! Took us 45 minutes to get bread!!! Lol food was alright and normally the place is great but this evening it was like something out of faulty towers! I kid you not!

Good luck for the morning!! I've got everything crossed for you!! And will be checking to hear from you first thing! smile

StarlyBeee Thu 27-Jun-19 06:11:14

Morning Ginger! Cor what a rough night was in and out of sleep and then been awake since 4am trying to hold my pee for when DH wakes up!!!

Omg I would be so mad I literally get so moody when my food is all wrong haha! I'm excited for you this sounds soo positive doesn't it. Anything new today?

I did a first response this morning and got a faint positive 😩 I'm 6dpt now xxx

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Ginger951 Thu 27-Jun-19 07:46:57

And it can take 6-12 days to implant remember. But a faint line is better than a blank! Sounds so hopeful. Don't test again now till Saturday. If it's getting stronger than u know your answer.

So exciting!!
I feel fine. Odds aches on my right but still going to wait I think. DH is now considering testing early but it's to late today and tomoorow is a super busy day for us so would be madness to add a negative to that. But should keeps us busy till sat.

I so want this to work for us both!

StarlyBeee Thu 27-Jun-19 07:54:31

HHa do not test any more I have a pocket full for every pee hahah!! It's difficult because once you have a faint positive it does slightly worry the surprise but I had to take that chance cause I personally deal with being let down gently if it was a neg.

You literally have two days to wait and if your busy deffo hold out babe! Put it out your head, doesn't help with me does it lol!!

I'm honestly so shocked I don't know what to do with myself!!

Cramping is good and I have strong cramps today in my left side and sounds strange but it feels different also.. ahhhhh!! I have such a good feeling for us both!! Is your a HPT on Saturday? Xxx

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Ginger951 Thu 27-Jun-19 08:06:53

Tuesday is my official day. But by Saturday I will be 15dpo and 10dpt, my tracking app (which I've tricked into believing my ovulation date was when they wanted it to be) says i should test now. And as much as I would love to see hopeful lines I want a sure thing. For DH more than anything, I could do what you are now but his heart couldn't take it.

Maybe different is the only way of knowing. Fingers crossed in a few days we can both confirm that!

Well if you can't stop yourself POS at least make sure it's with a good sample. It's meant to be super hot the next few days and dehydration will not help you or anyone else! But at least if u are always looking for a good darkish sample. You don't want to make yourself pointlessly feel sad if you don't get a result because u are basicly testing with water!

Do you have a pic of this morning's test? Xx

StarlyBeee Thu 27-Jun-19 08:30:48

Absolutely!! I literally cannot stop sneezing lol!! Did six In a row swear that's like a record.

A lot of clinics do test 10po so I you should have a accurate reading on Saturday 💃💃💃 I'm so excited 😆

Good point about the amount of fluid I drink I am going to try leave it alone now anyway for a few days I won't be testing again today anyway

I do have a picture but it won't let me upload it atm as says I have uploaded to many in the last 12 hours 🧐 I'll send it to you later on smile

What you got planned then next few days xxx

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Ginger951 Thu 27-Jun-19 12:51:46

When u sneeze that much u end up feeling like your about to sneeze your brain out! Lol

Uploaded too many in the last 12 hours? What weirdness is that! Technology! Well if last night's was anything to go by it's looking good so far.

I am staying as busy as possible! Work next 2 afternoons/evenings. Which should keep my mind off things. I only have one test in the house so that is being saved until Saturday. Plus got friends over for dinner on Sunday. Though how I will explain my not drinking to them if it has worked im not sure. But will worry about that when we get there.

Actually felt sick this morning! And I never feel nauseous unless I'm super hungry. Fingers crossed it's a good thing. Xx

StarlyBeee Thu 27-Jun-19 18:13:47

Hey you hope you have had a good BUSY day!!
So I will try again and send a photo of my test I took this morning!

Apparently new users are limited with photos 😂😂 stupid really.

One test in the house is self control I like it hahah! Ahhh it's Friday tomorrow!!! I have plans Friday and said I wasn't drinking - all I got was oh you can carry my kebab home for me haha I was like right ok.... go with the antibiotics idea smile

It sounds so positive! I have had such bad cramps today it's unreal and a stomach ache from hell!

And I'm dying for a hot bath but not allowed one sad

It won't let me send the pic lol

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