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MissyPG Sat 22-Jun-19 16:03:27


35 yo, trying for first baby, 2 IVF/ ICSI cycles, both cycles 9 eggs collected. First cycle 3 fertilised but only one made it to day 3. Second cycle, 2 fertilised, none made it to day 5. Embryologist suggested potential egg quality issue (AMH is 11). Semen analysis is normal. Started DHEA prior to next cycle in September, however, asked consultant what would be done differently, their response was nothing really. ICSI won’t be done again as it seemed to damage eggs more (eggs were “soft” when sperm was injected?).

If the next round in September fails, will go abroad. Hoping clinics outside the UK will do a deeper analysis of cause of infertility and/ or offer other treatments?

I’ve heard of Serum in Athens, does anyone have any experience of them? Can anyone suggest any additional treatments that can be sought?

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MissyPG Sat 22-Jun-19 20:02:13


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64632K Sun 23-Jun-19 13:12:20

Hi Missy

Put yourself on Ubiquinol 400mg daily for at least 3 months. The eggs that get released have been developing for almosy a year but it is the last 90 days that most of the development takes place. Ubiquinol is the holy grail for improving egg quality (apparently).
We looked at many clinics abroad, Serum was one of them, had a bad experience and they were struck off our list pretty much immediately. We went with Newlife in Thessaloniki, I am 25 weeks at the mo. NHS told us we could not have a biological child due to non existent sperm count and apparently my age meant egg quality could be a problem. All eggs retrieved by Newlife were grade A quality and nearly all mature.

ChocolateGateaux84 Sun 23-Jun-19 13:14:48

As a infertility veteran with experience of cycling abroad I'd say the best are:
Reprofit OR Gennet in Czech Republic
New life OR Serum in Greece

I've not seen a bad review on any of these clinics. My personal experience was with Reprofit after years of UK failure. Greece more pricey so if money is tight I'd go with Czech Republic
Best of luck

MissyPG Sun 23-Jun-19 21:16:25

Thanks for responding.

I take Ubiquinol at the moment but only 300 but I’ll up to 400.

I’ve heard good things about Serum and obviously you both mentioned new life.

We have been told there is an egg quality issue, due to low fertilisation and the eggs seeming “soft”.

Have either of you (or anyone else reading this!) had failed cycles in the UK but success abroad? Are there any different tests or procedures down abroad that aren’t done here that might help the success?

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AliceAbsolum Tue 25-Jun-19 09:00:53

I'm with Reprofit in the Czech Republic. But not with my eggs, I've given up on them. Ivf abroad has better success rates and is cheaper, what's not to like!

SparrowSG Tue 25-Jun-19 15:21:17

@MissyPG this was not specifically about reviews/processes but does contain a lot of info about clinics abroad www.mumsnet.com/Talk/infertility/3115555-Overseas-IVF-cost


alekniemi783 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:16:32

@MissyPG, I had my egg treatment in Cyprus for the first time and I already have a beautiful baby girl. The success rate in Cyprus is really high. You might want to try there.

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