Suggestions of how to get healthy in between cycles

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PinkThings Fri 21-Jun-19 20:05:03

My last natural period was 4 years ago when I got pregnant (very easily) with DS. No real reason for lack of periods, but have had lots of tests done and have been on every hormone going for the last 6 months. I only produce 1 - 4 follicles with clomid etc. I live abroad so am going back home for a few months over the summer - I want to use this time to get as healthy as possible before restarting again. Does anyone have any tips of foods / supplements / anything I could try?!

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twinkledag Sun 23-Jun-19 10:07:25

Low alcohol
Low caffeine
Mediterranean diet
High protein
Lots of green veg
Lots of water
No smoking

Good luck 😊

BeaCat Mon 24-Jun-19 07:54:24

Have you heard of the book It Starts with the Egg? Lots advice in there about lifestyle changes that could improve fertility. No idea if it'll work or not but giving it a go! X

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