Post FET - progesterone pessaries and going to the beach

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Claudie86 Thu 20-Jun-19 10:42:03

Hello ladies!

I'm 2dp3dt and taking lovely (not) progesterone pessaries 3 times a day. The weather is going to be great and I'd love to go to the beach sometime next week.

One big problem: these pessaries are so messy! Any tips on how to handle pessaries and wearing a bikini?


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FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Thu 20-Jun-19 10:52:46

Back door lol no mess at all! Xx

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Thu 20-Jun-19 10:54:08

If you are on that is!

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Thu 20-Jun-19 10:54:39


Claudie86 Thu 20-Jun-19 13:06:31

I'm on Utrogestan and I've been given specific instructions on using it vaginally sad Ugh!

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Claudie86 Thu 20-Jun-19 13:13:04

Perhaps I should phone one of the nurses and ask if I can use it the other way...

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FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Thu 20-Jun-19 13:18:31

That might be an idea how many are you on is it like one in the morning and then one n the evening?


Claudie86 Thu 20-Jun-19 14:01:19

I'm on 3 a day, joy!

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sandytoes84 Thu 20-Jun-19 18:46:51

All about the timing - put it in with enough time for the worst of the mess to vacate before you head to the beach!

Whatelsecouldibecalled Thu 20-Jun-19 21:18:32

My clinic said utrogestan must be at the front only.

No advice on the mess sorry 😫

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