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Forgotten info from clinic - how long after trigger injection is EC for IVF?

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AliciaWhiskers Fri 14-Jun-19 21:38:56

Went to my planning appointment today and I know the nurse told me how long after the trigger injection they usually do the egg collection, but I can’t remember what they said.

Trying to work out logistics of work/childcare (aka getting stressed and flapping about something currently perhaps unimportant).

hoping2018 Fri 14-Jun-19 21:48:50

12 hours before if I’m remembering correctly

LillyLeaf Fri 14-Jun-19 21:54:51

I'm pretty sure mine was 36 hours before EC, I think.

AliciaWhiskers Fri 14-Jun-19 22:16:18

What sort of time have you been in clinic for EC?

LillyLeaf Fri 14-Jun-19 22:23:35

Mine was at midday. I was sedated so needed the rest of the day at home resting. But remember dates might change depending on how you respond to the drugs. I had to stim for longer than was originally on my protocol.

AliciaWhiskers Fri 14-Jun-19 22:26:31

Thanks Lillyleaf. Yes, I think the unpredictability is probably what the issue is. I find uncertainty difficult at the best of times, so not being able to plan as much as I usually can is hard

Lauren83 Fri 14-Jun-19 22:37:44

It's 36 (I work in a clinic)

hoping2018 Fri 14-Jun-19 22:41:34

Ahh sorry! I was remembering it was evening (ie 9pm) fir 9am collection! 36!

EarlGreyT Fri 14-Jun-19 23:18:14

It’s 36 hours. It’s always 36 hours. This is about the only thing with an IVF cycle which has a fixed timing.

AliciaWhiskers Sat 15-Jun-19 09:12:43

Thank you, that’s really helpful

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