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Hope42019 Thu 18-Jul-19 17:14:19

@BlueSarah where are you in the 2ww o really am loosing hope i really hope it all goes well for you xx

@GardenDriedBedSheets i wpuldnt worry my lining was thin below 7 on pne of my scans they told me i wouldnt beable tp have the treatment if it didnt improve ny next scan luckily it thickened up within a few days i drank plenty of pom juice good luck to youu xx

Hope42019 Thu 18-Jul-19 17:11:00

Hi i am new to this and have never posted but really need some support i am in the 2ww and have just done a test at 7dp5dpt and it was bfn have beem in tears all day just feel like its all over and failed really could with some words of encpuragement right now sad

Maeve88Troy Fri 12-Jul-19 14:29:57

Hi @GardenDriedBedSheets !

I had my FET back in June 2019 and found out i was pregnant recently. My advice for you is to just pray and remain positive about everything. Becoming a mother is such a beautiful gift from God. Where are you getting your treatment?

GardenDriedBedSheets Thu 11-Jul-19 22:41:52

@BlueSarah - good luck for tomorrow! Hope it all goes swimmingly tomorrow xx

My lining was too thin this cycle so FET postponed until next month...so really going to try with the pom juice, raspberry leaf and brazil nuts this month!!

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Petitprince Thu 11-Jul-19 18:17:06

Still waiting for our dates to start.

BlueSarah Thu 11-Jul-19 18:12:53

Hello - seeing if I can ressurrect this thread.
How is everyone getting on? I have my ET tomorrow (if he survives defrosting).

Anyone else in the 2ww?

GardenDriedBedSheets Sun 16-Jun-19 21:56:30

Hello ladies, great to see there are quite a few of us cycling at a similar time!

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF – thanks for pointing me to the other thread, I’ll be popping by…Totally with you re: emotions, excitement and nervousness! Good luck with your cycle. 4 weeks of buserelin is a long time! bet you were glad to see the back of those!

FingersXssd83 – we’ll be transferring at a similar time, depending on period of course – so good to hear your cyst disappeared on its own, so many variables in this difficult game…sorry about the failed fresh cycles – exhausting on so many levels, but onward and upwards and wishing it is third time luck for you x

windy2909 - oh wow! So good to hear the positive stories, thank you so much for sharing and hope you have had a wonderful pregnancy, not long to go now! Can I ask what the reasoning behind the trigger shot after the transfer was? I am sure the doctor said I was to administer mine a week before transfer – thanks x

Twickerhun – awe, lovely, again so great to hear! Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep – walking is a great tip, not been overly active recently, so will make a conscious effort x

sometimesalways – thank you! And lots of luck to you too, and of course everyone cycling now or soon x good to hear your experience. It is very difficult to decide which protocol to choose. I have had 4 cycles back to back so feel like I want to have a bit of a break from the hormones, but don’t want to delay the cycle. So, that was the major reason for deciding to try natural. Also, I have issues with processing synthetic estrogen, so will see how it goes this time x

BumpyRoad84 – welcome! Sorry to hear about your previous cycles and again wishing you lucky number 3. Hopefully the adjustments to the timing of transfer will do the trick x
Thank you for sharing your supplements, I will order some vit e today. I know what you mean about cycling during busy times. I remember once taking a taxi from work to a transfer, it waiting outside and then going back to a crucial meeting an hour later. Super stressful and no way I am going to do that again this cycle. Booking off a week, short walks and relaxation!

BlueSarah – yay, another cycle buddy! Here’s hoping the july sunshine does the trick for us all x

Whatelsecouldibecalled – quite a full train of FETs in July! Be great to follow progress, tips and support.

From me: waiting to start period and from the timeline I have been given possible transfer mid/late July, if of course, period plays ball.
Hope everyone had a jolly weekend – been mostly raining down here, does not feel like summer at all! Cosy evening to make up xx

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Whatelsecouldibecalled Sun 16-Jun-19 18:16:54

I’ll join. Just waiting to start period due Tuesday to start progynova for my FET. It’s first round ICSI for me as we had DH freeze all due to OHSS. Looking to transfer early July if all ok.

BlueSarah Sat 15-Jun-19 19:01:04

Hi everyone

I am almost a week into my 2nd medicated FET. I'm on 7 days of norethisterone and busy squirting Buserelin up my nose 5 times a day until told otherwise. If all goes to plan I should be transferring mid July - looks like a few of us are a similar schedule!

Good luck everyone xx

BumpyRoad84 Fri 14-Jun-19 05:09:54

@GardenDriedBedSheets Great news about the frosties! I've been taking the following supplements for as long as I can remember:
Folic Acid
Vit E
TCM herbs twice a day

Honestly, I can't tell if they have made any difference but my TCM practitioner tells me that there would be a noted regress in follicle quality if I were to stop.

My last 2 FETs were done during a very busy and difficult period. I did slow it down in the few days following the transfer, and that was very difficult for an active person like me. This time, I'm making it a point to take things easy with lots of reading, Netflix and short walks!

BumpyRoad84 Fri 14-Jun-19 04:54:18

Hi ladies,

Would you mind if I join in? I'm set to have my third FET early-mid July. First round of IVF – 1st transfer ended up a chemical, 2nd failed as well. Both were natural cycles. My doc has prescribed me a low dose of Femara for this upcoming third cycle to ensure that I ovulate. The last 2 transfers were done on Day 21 and 22 of their respective cycles, so this time we're aiming for earlier, probably Day 19 following an earlier trigger. I've also been on TCM (acupuncture + herbs).

@FingersXssd83 Looks like our schedule's about the same! I'lll be tuning in here. Best wishes to everyone!


sometimesalways Thu 13-Jun-19 22:43:04

Good luck OP!

I am about to start a medicated FET cycle, probably to ET third week of July. Equal parts stressed and excited!

My doctor recommended medicated as it's the clinic's preference for best chance of success. I am not looking forward to taking all those meds again but we are now trying for DC2 after having a healthy DS1 from our first medicated fresh cycle 3 years ago (we have been so lucky).
Medicated worked first time round so thought it might be wise to follow the same process I guess..

OP would you mind me asking what made you choose natural cycle? Was it your personal preference or doctor's recommendation? I was tempted by trying natural (we have unexplained infertility) but scared it might not be as effective

Twickerhun Thu 13-Jun-19 22:02:00

Hi I am settling my natural cycle FET to sleep right now - one happy healthy but none Sleeping two year old.
I didn’t take any supplements etc just tried to focus on staying calm and peaceful and kept walking lots for blood flow and mental health

Good luck

windy2909 Thu 13-Jun-19 21:23:31

Just wanted to wish you all luck. I am due my little FET miracle in 4 weeks time. I too had a natural FET, so only medical intervention was ovitrelle trigger shot after transfer. Good luck! X

FingersXssd83 Thu 13-Jun-19 20:54:48

I don't have experience but we have had two failed fresh cycles and had to freeze our embies on day 3 from our third round due to suspect endo (cyst thankfully disappeared!).

I'll start Progynova near the end of the month, and transferring early-mid July.

We have four frozen and our consultant has recommended transferring two at a time.

I was thinking this will be so much easier in comparison to retrieval but the closer it gets, the more nervous I am.

Looking forward to hearing other FET stories on the thread.

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Thu 13-Jun-19 17:21:01

Hi @GardenDriedBedSheets I am currently in the middle of a medicated fet! This is our first round of ICSI but had s freeze all to being high risk of OHSS! I have to say I have found this part harder then stimming due to the length of time it has taken me to get to et which is happening on Monday!! Buserelin injections for 4 weeks as af was late and am now taking progynova and progesterone pessaries! I am just please st the moment not to be injecting myself anymore and am nervous and excited to get to et! I am also on another thread if you want to join us @starting the journey 2 there are various ladies all at different stages still having tests or on waiting lists and then the likes of me this far! Come join us if you wish

GardenDriedBedSheets Thu 13-Jun-19 14:12:41

Hi ladies,

I am set to have my first FET in the next month or so (depending on when I start period). It's my first FET, but 5th IVF cycle, no children yet. We have decided to go for a natural FET with ovitrelle trigger - anyone have any experiences of FET they care to share?

I am taking folic acid and vitamin D and occasionally a preconception tablet - any others you would recommend. And, as ever trying to lose some weight! Being a stress eater, this is a hard one! Also trying to drink raspberry leaf tea to help with the lining.

Be great to hear your experiences - I am excited (first time we have frosties) and nervous (having had 4 failed cycles previously)...

Thanks xx

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