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6dp5dt - ?bfp need opinions

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MLP123 Tue 11-Jun-19 18:36:52

Hi All, my first post here, I am 6dp5dt of first cycle of IVF with ICSI. Have had a few complications so was expecting a negative but tested today and am certain I can see a very faint second line on 2 different tests. Has anyone else had a positive this early? I don't think it's the trigger as I tested yesterday and it was negative. I wanted to post pics but this won't let me as I'm a new user, so will try after a few posts. smile

physicskate Tue 11-Jun-19 20:44:30

I had a very faint positive at 5dp5dt. Congrats! Today, you are pregnant!!

hoping2018 Wed 12-Jun-19 03:27:45

I had faint positive in the evening at 9dp3dt. I reckon would have been positive day before on morning wee. Congratulations!

MLP123 Wed 12-Jun-19 20:41:02

Thanks both, have tested again today with FRER and although faint, line was visible within the 5 mins. Trying not to get too excited as don't want to be disappointed. OTD is Sunday!

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