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hoping2018 Wed 12-Jun-19 03:31:52

I bled like this on cycle 1 (bfn) clinic didn’t seem to think it was much to worry about in Terms of hormone levels. Cycle 2 used same drugs - didn’t bleed (as pregnant!). Currently wide awake at 3am feeding my little one!

Try to trust in your clinic - they want you to succeed too and I’m sure would adjust your drugs if they thought it would help xx

Maximoo06 Tue 11-Jun-19 10:17:02

@mincedpea yes I think I will be asking for progesterone this time round but as it's nhs I don't know if I have to stick to what they say, but I will definitely ask.

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mincedpea Tue 11-Jun-19 10:14:26

Not exactly the same, but I also had an early period (5 days early) after an unmedicated IUI cycle last year. This was a total surprise and disappointment to me as my cycle had never been only 22 days before.

After reading about it more, I found a lot of info online suggesting that early bleeds might be due to low progesterone. Now I am quite wary about that and will be doing a medicated transfer in my current IVF cycle.

Perhaps you can ask your consultant about progesterone support for your next transfer? Good luck, I hope you have a happier outcome next time round.

Maximoo06 Tue 11-Jun-19 09:54:28

@AnnaSteen I was on a non medicated cycle so didn't have to have the pessarys. It's so frustrating that no one can give you the answers. Having my last frozen embryo on my next cycle and I don't think I can take another failure confused

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AnnaSteen Tue 11-Jun-19 09:17:25

Yes this happened me. Period started 5 days before official testing day. My consultant (who I’m beginning to think is a bit crap!) said it can ‘just happen’. But I think it’s to do with progesterone. I read an article where they recommended monitoring progesterone / switching to injection over pessaries if period came early as the progesterone is supposed to keep it from coming.

Maximoo06 Tue 11-Jun-19 08:08:57

@LillyLeaf it was a 5day. Luteral phase is around 14 days I'm just so confused as normally my periods are late never early.

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LillyLeaf Mon 10-Jun-19 20:10:35

Was the embryo a 3 or 5day? How long is your luteal phase in a normal cycle?


Maximoo06 Mon 10-Jun-19 19:18:14

Had egg transfer for second round of ivf frozen transfer on a Friday and by the Monday I was starting to spot.... was hoping it was implantation bleeding but by the Thursday it turned into a full period, 5days early. Nurse seems to think it's strange that my period would come so early after transfer. It was a non medicated cycle. Anyone experienced similar??

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