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Victoria Wing- Woking

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higgins2500 Sun 09-Jun-19 20:19:30

Hi all. My wife and i are about to start ICSI. We have a daughter who is 7 so NHS is not an option. My wife has had a pevic scan assesment on the NHS and i have had a seman analysis though a private clinic but victoria wing wants us to pay for these again through them. Its not a lot about £350 but these things all add up. Has anyone else been able to use recent test results there to keep costs down? Also we can get the pill of our GP but again this is another charge they want to add on?

Thanks in advance.

AliceAbsolum Sun 09-Jun-19 20:29:40

I recently did a cycle there and they wanted all the tests done through them. It's worthwhile as they do things differently. E.g my AMH was 3 points different with Nuffield testing because they have a more sensitive test.

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