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Hopingandpraying23 Thu 05-Mar-20 09:24:16

Thank you sooo much @lauraloolooo smile.. waiting for the embryologist to call today to tell me how many of the eggs fertilised. Oh you dont know how much you've put me at ease... I couldn't sleep all night partly because of this and the pain. Worrying if I should tell the embryologist to culture them to day 5 before freezing cause I've read in other post that this is what they do... congrats and hoping we get our little miracle soon too..

lauraloolooo Thu 05-Mar-20 08:37:11

Hi @Hopingandpraying23, out of of my 28 eggs collected 19 of them fertilised and were frozen in day one, when they came to thawing them only 9 of those survived the thaw which I was disappointed with due to the high number collected and I had 8 collected on my first round and had none to freeze on day 5, but they did well and I had one 5aa embryo transferred on day 5 and had 4 frozen and I’m currently 7 months pregnant 😊 x

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Hopingandpraying23 Thu 05-Mar-20 06:18:05

Hi .. hoping @lauraloolooo still reads this.. was just hoping to ask how you got on with freezing embryos at day 1.. did they manage to refreeze some at day 5 for later use? I'm also at bham womens hospital. I've always thought they culture them to day 5 before freezing . I'm worried now that I'm going to waste a lot of them as they said they will thaw everything when were ready and culture them at that time and refreeze if anything is suitable. We had 26 eggs

Ginger1982 Wed 12-Jun-19 19:35:41

@lauraloolooo yes it was medicated. Still feeling upset by the result, but I have DS who was born through successful ICSI 2 years ago so I know I'm lucky.

lauraloolooo Tue 11-Jun-19 12:47:34

@itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Were you able to choose to do a non medicated FET or was it recommend to you? I believe my hospital will want me to have a medicated treatment so they take control, were your embryos frozen on day 1 or day 5?

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lauraloolooo Tue 11-Jun-19 12:44:38

@Ginger1982 I’m sorry to hear that every cycle can be so different, our first cycle didn’t work although all looked very positive, was yours going to be a medication FET transfer? I believe mine will be and not sure if I have to take any dreaded injections again or not

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 08-Jun-19 20:56:59

I had an unexpected freeze all - egg collection was January 29th - had a post collection bleed 5 days later and then got my period 2 weeks after that. I am doing unmedicated natural transfers so I was then able to track ovulation and then transfer 5 days after LH surge so around 9th March - so 5 weeks between collection and transfer.

I am going mild short protocol ivf though which means no drugs to stop ovulation so my cycle came back straight away - most people I know who have done full Ivf have taken several weeks to get their cycle back which drags the whole process out


Ginger1982 Sat 08-Jun-19 20:12:09

I had a freeze all, though I only ended up with one embryo, and my clinic allowed me to use my withdrawal bleed as the cycle to use. I was due to have my transfer 5 weeks after egg collection but embryo didn't survive the thaw.

lauraloolooo Sat 08-Jun-19 15:55:08

Thank you for your reply, will my first menstrual cycle after my egg collection count as cycle one and then start treatment after my menstrual cycle after that?

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Kay2705 Sat 08-Jun-19 13:23:28

You can normally have a FET about two cycles after the collection. So you'll have a cycle once you stop your meds and then some clinic can aim to do a FET the next cycle

lauraloolooo Sat 08-Jun-19 13:09:26

Hi all, I had my egg collection last week at Birmingham Women’s Hospital and they collected 28 eggs but due to the high number they have said I can’t have a fresh transfer and they will need to freeze all that fertilise, has anyone else had to freeze all and if so how long will I have to wait until I can have the frozen transfer?

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