Advice needed - no periods in years

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PinkThings Fri 07-Jun-19 19:20:33

Hi everyone - long story short(ish)...
Trying to get pregnant with no. 2 (40 day cycles but got pregnant with ds in a few months). Came off the pill when ds was 2, and no natural period since. My last natural period which hasn’t been brought on with some kind of chemical was almost 4.5 years ago (when I got pregnant with ds). Nhs didn’t do much, have now moved to the Middle East and am being bombarded with hormones in the last few months (have tried letrozole, clomid, gonal f, something to bring down my prolactin levels, something for progesterone and other tablets / injections I can’t remember!). I never get more than 4 follicles, only one ever gets bigger (but never quite big enough) and the last round has given me a 20 day cycle?! I’m 35, blood tests showed slightly raised prolactin and lowered oestrogen but there’s nothing really to fully explain it all! Has anyone had anything similar / can give me suggestions of what to try / do next! Thanks! x

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Bunnyfuller Fri 07-Jun-19 19:22:58

I would be asking for the full jobby of tests to attempt a diagnosis before chucking hormones at it.

Eggcellent29 Sun 09-Jun-19 17:36:30

Hiya. Sorry to hear you’re having such a difficult time with all of this!

It may be worth having an AMH blood test to see what your ovarian reserve is, as lack of periods can (but not always!) be a sign of premature ovarian failure.

primarywoodle Sun 09-Jun-19 17:39:19

Whats your weight and diet like? Look into hypothalamic amenorrhea- my periods recovered after a 2 year hiatus due to a combination of breastfeeding and weight loss. My bmi was still 21 but id lost too much weight and was too restrictive with my food. Lots of athletes have this problem if they overdo it too

PinkThings Fri 21-Jun-19 19:59:18

Thanks ladies - I’ll check with the clinic about amh levels. Unfortunately enjoy eating too much and don’t go to the gym enough for it to be related to that primarywoodle!

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