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rachel59pink Wed 29-May-19 16:46:07

Hi all

I had blood tests about two weeks ago for infertility and got a call from the doctors receptionist to say my prescription was ready to collect. I asked what prescription (as I'm not on any medication) and she advised the doctor has prescribed me vitamin D tablets as one of the blood test showed I had vitamin D deficiency.

Has this happened to anyone else? And should the doctor not still discuss my results? ( I had a number of blood samples taken )

Any advice is appreciated as feel in limbo at the moment.

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EL8888 Wed 29-May-19 16:54:05

I was borderline when l had my bloods done and have made more effort to eate more foods with it in. Apparently vitamin d issues can impact on fertility. The doctor should be meeting with you to discuss your results and next steps. Rather than just randomly leaving you a prescription at reception to collect. Personally l asked for print out of all of my results, my doctor managed to misread some of my blood test results and had to point that out to her

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 29-May-19 21:28:52

Folic acid and vitamin d are recommended for anyone trying to conceive so you should be on it anyway.

hoping2018 Wed 29-May-19 21:51:42

I don’t think it has a massive impact on fertility but yes you should be taking regardless.

As per point GP told me my fsh was normal / when in fact I needed urgent referral to fertility team for DOR. I would also recommend asking for a print out of all results

rintusa Wed 29-May-19 23:17:17

Am thinking she did all blood works on you like the CMP and BMP that's how to find out about Vit D level.
Meanwhile, Vit D is very very essential to fertility journey but your result should be discussed with you.
Again, am thinking she would also be checking for your AMH, FSH and others as a way forward.
I will request her to check for these also and ask for a print out of the initial lab results.
These are my thoughts.

rachel59pink Thu 30-May-19 10:18:34

Thank you everyone. I will book an appointment to discuss results.

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