What was your AMH and how many eggs did you get?

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Zest11 Tue 28-May-19 23:57:33


I am interested to know people's experiences with EC and AMH and possibly age. I am 31, have an AMH of 11 and the nurse said they would expect to collect 8-10 eggs with that. Would anyone else care to share what theirs was and how things progressed? E.g. day 2/5 transfer? How many did you have to freeze?

Thank you!

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TwistofFate Wed 29-May-19 04:46:45

Hello, my AMH is 15.2 and I got 12 eggs (8 mature, six fertilised), resulting in 1 fresh 5dt and 2 frozen. AMH gives them an idea of how you're likely to respond to the drugs but unfortunately no way of assessing quality. Hope that helps. X

BeHereNowx32 Wed 29-May-19 04:58:54

@Zest11 I also had a level of 11. I was aged between 30-32 going through ivf. I think it depends on the drugs you use, and how your body reacts to them
Round 1: 6 eggs, all mature, 4 fertilised. Had 1 fresh transfer, this failed. Then 1 frozen, (day 5 & 6) also failed.
Round 2: 7 eggs, only 2 mature. 1 fresh day 3 transfer failed.
Round 3: 8 eggs, all mature, 4 fertilised, day 5 fresh transfer... this was our positive! 🙏 we have 2 frozen embryos left (and a 10 week old baby 💗)

Good luck! We had different stimulation drugs each time. I also ate loads of protein, during stimulation which is supposed to help eggs mature.

Lauren83 Wed 29-May-19 05:25:13

AMH of 2.2, my AFC was 7 and I got 4 eggs all mature and all fertilised but poor quality, had a double transfer on day 2 and the other 2 not suitable to freeze, tried again and the clinic cancelled my cycle due to my FSH. Moved to donor eggs then

FingersXssd83 Wed 29-May-19 08:09:32

AMH of 16 at age 34 and had:

Cycle 1: 10 eggs, 5 mature, 3 fertilised, 1 transferred on day 5. No frosties. BFN.

Cycle 2: 6 eggs, 4 mature, 3 fertilised, 2 transferred on day 5. No frosties. BFN.

Cycle 3: 5 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilised, 4 frozen on Day 3 (suspect endo cyst) will be transferring in batches of 2 in a month's time doing medicated FETs.

Reasonable AMH didn't make a difference to us and we haven't ever achieved a large number of eggs but thankfully the quality are pretty decent.

Good luck! xx

IVFusername Wed 29-May-19 11:21:40

Age 34 AMH of 25 and AFC of 19.

Cycle 1: 12 eggs, all mature and 9 fertilise. 3 day 5 blasts, with 2 frozen. all single transfers and all failed.

Cycle 2: 14 eggs, 11 mature but only 5 fertilised normally. 2 transferred at day 3 and failed. No suitable to freeze.

Both of the above cycles had exactly the same medication and were 5 months apart. No idea why I responded so differently and the egg quality was so poor second time around, but either way the outcome was the same - no baby.

Just deciding if it's worth a 3rd go.

A good AMH doesn't mean you'll get a baby in my case.

Zest11 Wed 29-May-19 11:28:29

IVFusername I am so sorry to hear that. It looks as if AMH really doesn't correspond to success at all then. Do you know the infertility reason? I would maybe consider the NK cells testing as so many people talk about that. That's what I plan on doing if my IVF fails.

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Zest11 Wed 29-May-19 11:32:40

Thank you everyone for your replies...it looks like there is just no relation!

BeHereNowx32 it sounds like you have had many goes! Well done for hanging in there and your success smile did younget any feedback on why your first few goes may not have worked? Thank you for the protein idea, I will definitely do that! Will literally give anythinf a go lol.

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Hollowvictory Wed 29-May-19 11:34:26

Can't remember my amh
Cycle 1, 7 eggs, chemical pg
Cycle 2, all eggs poor quality none fertilised
Cycle 3 4 eggs bfn
Switched clinics, threw everything at it, had innumo treatment, twins. Can't remember how many eggs but 2 x grade A.
Never had any eggs or embryos worth freezing

Hollowvictory Wed 29-May-19 11:35:06

I did have nk testing but didn't need the treatment

EdtheBear Wed 29-May-19 11:39:58

My AMH was high, can't remember figure
21 eggs
14 fertiliesed
2 put back on day 3 but failed
5 made it to freeze
2 put back in FET.
1 is now a bouncing 2yo.

EdtheBear Wed 29-May-19 12:17:16

Oh I should say I was 40 and my primary issue was PCOS.

Ilikeviognier Wed 29-May-19 12:27:24

My amh was useless- 2.8.

2 eggs. 1 embryo. 1 bfp- he’s now 4.5 demanding cake!

So yes success can’t be predicted by amh levels. It’s certainly a factor, but there’s other things at play.

Holidayrage Wed 29-May-19 13:14:17

AMH 131 (!) at age 37
40 ish follicles but only 12 mature eggs collected from those
9 fertilised
4 blastocysts

Fresh transfer: BFP (DD)
FET # 1: BFP (MMC of identical twins)
FET # 2: BFP (now 35 weeks pregnant)

BeHereNowx32 Wed 29-May-19 13:53:04

@Zest11 I very nearly didn’t try again. We were looking into adoption. But just decided one more try.
Didn’t get much feedback as to why it didn’t work. Doctor said I probably had poor embryos quality... (we were Male factor infertility. I didn’t seem to have anything wrong).

I definitely made myself relax more during the last 2 week wait. Sat out in the sun more too! It is horrible to go through. So sending you all the best xx

IVFusername Wed 29-May-19 14:45:38

@Zest11 unexplained for us, we already have children. NK cells and clotting factors all normal along with everything else being normal. Literally no known reason why we aren't pregnant normally let alone with IVF, it feels like it's just not going to happen and I'm trying to work out if I'm ok with that. Best of luck xx

PipsM Wed 29-May-19 15:13:43

Amh 2.2. Round 1= 2 eggs. Both went to 5 day blast. 1 put back as FET who is now a healthy happy 1 year old boy. The other egg didn’t grow any more so no more embryos but am happy with our 1! Good luck, it’s a roller coaster

Waterdropsdown Wed 29-May-19 15:21:44

Amh 5.4 tested at 32
First cycle at 33 got 11 eggs and 9 mature all rubbish at day 3 but 2 transferred bfn
Second cycle at 33 got 11 eggs and 9 mature, 7 fertilised transfer of 2 blasts on day 5 resulted in miscarriage. 5 blasts frozen.
Fet of 2 of these made my twinssmile
Difference first nhs cycle they gave me so many drugs I was so ill. Second cycle really good private clinic with great scientists. Amazing difference.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Wed 29-May-19 16:01:41

I’m 31 AmH 11.4. I got 14 eggs 5 making it to high quality to freeze. Was a freeze all cycle due to high risk OHSS. Hoping for FET in July x

Whatelsecouldibecalled Wed 29-May-19 16:03:28

Sorry should say those in freezer are 5 day blastocysts and 1 6 day blast

homemadegin Wed 29-May-19 16:04:58

Amh 5.2 zero eggs twice

KinkyFink Wed 29-May-19 16:27:56

Amh was 0.3 (!) at 31.

Got 5 eggs, all mature, all good quality. Only one transferred because the clinic fucked up and put 4 in the wrong solution.

That one is now a 6 year old.

Zest11 Wed 29-May-19 16:40:33

Gosh, it really is just luck isn't it. Thank you all for sharing.

KinkyFink wow that sounds like a bad amh but clearly it made no odds for you! That's great!

Whatelsecouldibecalled it sounds like we are in a v similar position agewise amh wise and transfer time. The plan for our transfer (fresh) is the beginning of July if it makes it to blast and obviously getting eggs and everything in the first place. How did you find out you were at risk of OHSS? The clinic didn't seem to think that would be an issue for me due to my amh. I would absolutely love 5 for the freezer, must be a real relief for you!

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windy2909 Wed 29-May-19 20:45:09

What an interesting thread....it’s amazing how much results vary, especially in relation to AMH!

When tested at 35, almost 36, my AMH was 17.4. Bizarrely I had to have a freeze all due to risk of OHSS, but they only managed to retrieve 6 eggs from me, even though I had much more follicles.

All 6 were mature but only 3 fertilised. If those 3, 2 were good enough to freeze. My first fet was non medicated and resulted in a bfp. I am now 34 weeks pregnant.

LillyLeaf Wed 29-May-19 20:48:07

I was tested at 35 and it was 15, we got 8 eggs, 6 fertilised, 5 5day blastocysts. You just never know what you'll get.

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