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hopeful31 Tue 28-May-19 10:02:12

Hi. I have a few questions about clomid and was wondering if anyone here could help me out.

How long after blood tests will I be prescribed clomid?
Do I have to ask for it or will I automatically get prescribed?
Am I better to ask privately ?
Is there anything I should know?

If he very grateful for any help

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seven201 Tue 28-May-19 12:58:46

It depends on lots of things! You'll probably need to see your gynaecologist again unless they mentioned they'd prescribe it automatically depending on your blood tests. I got mine privately as the wait between nhs appointments is months where I live.

Kelly199 Tue 28-May-19 13:32:08

@hopeful31 as @seven201 it can depend on so many different things and I'd say from personal experience, everyone would be completely different as it's dependant on tests and when an individual can have them done and what the results are etc.
If you can afford to go privately for the initial tests, I'd say do that because as @seven201 said, the wait between different appointments can be a long time (bearing in mind that certain tests have to be done at specific times in the cycle which can delay it further if you're unable to attend/falls on weekend, etc.)
They wouldn't prescribe it to me until I had various bloods done, HyCoSy and a few internal scans. Also 2 gynaecology appts.

hopeful31 Tue 28-May-19 20:04:08

Thanks for ur replies. I really appreciate it. I've paid privately for a scan and just waiting on bloods coming back. but I just wanted to know my options for clomid

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Chowvy Sun 19-Jan-20 08:12:14

hi @seven201 where did you go for clomid treatment and do you mind shsring the cost per cycle? i am suggested to try clomid due to PCOS and searching where to get it (not eligible for NHS)

seven201 Sun 19-Jan-20 09:01:36

@chowvy I saw a thread on a local Facebook group about gynaecologists recommendations. I didn’t go specifically for clomid but it’s what he suggested. It was something like £120 for the first appointment then £100 for each scan (plan was to only have one, but needed more for various reasons) and I think about £30 for the prescription.

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