Af not shown before first scan in prep for a fet prescribed provera to help but have started bleeding since carry on taking or stop? Help please?

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FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Sat 25-May-19 15:06:59

So I am currently dr for a fet I went for my first scan yesterday and haven’t had af yet which my consultant was surprised as seeing as I was on day 13 of buserelin ! I had some bleeding on the Thursday but then nothing Friday morning! My scan didn’t show any cysts and obviously my lining is is too think so he prescribed me 5 days of provera which once stopped should bring on af I took one straight away but then in the afternoon I started bleeding again so was unsure if I should continue or just stop and hope af gets in full flow! I took another one last night but have awful period pains today and bleeding! Any one been in a similar situation should I continue with the provera or stop as it seems af was on the way after all?

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physicskate Sat 25-May-19 17:12:45

Is there an emergency number to ring for your clinic to ask??

I'd be inclined to stop, personally...

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Sat 25-May-19 17:34:44

@physicskate yes there is but I wouldn’t say this was an emergency and i can wait I was just in two minds as to wether to continue as I just feel like it’s going to continue until I do stop and then af will show or I could just stop now and it’s more then likely af is going to be here! I’m very crampy and feel this could just prolong it and if I don’t need to put any more meds in to my body then I currently already am well that’s a bonus and it won’t extend the waiting for the et by to much either! It’s all just a mind field! Thank you for replying though smile

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