Referral to Fertility Clinic Berkshire

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Chocol4te Sat 25-May-19 07:23:21

Hi all, long story short we have been TTC for 1 year now, not long I know but we wanted to do further investigations and see if anything is wrong, after an ultrasound a couple of blood tests for me and a semen analysis for OH all looks normal so we got referral for Fertility clinic, there were 3 on the list I think we will go with the Bracknell one... Average waiting time 100 days until 1st appointment, can someone guide me and let me know the steps? I assume more tests will be carried and then referred to IVF ? I know that anyway 2 years we need to TTC in order to move on to IVF, but I wanted some clarity on what happens during these appointments and how long between them and what happens after being referred for IVF , another waiting list? Also, my OH is a smoker he will try quitting closer to appointment date so we can qualify, when will the test for this be conducted? At initial appointment? After we been referred for IVF? Anytime?
Thank you for reading and apologise for long thread

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