Hysteroscopy during TWW

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DobbieFreeElf Wed 22-May-19 17:16:13

Hi everyone,

I’ve been booked a hysteroscopy early next month as the final check to ty and uncover a reason for secondary infertility. The date of this appointment means I will be in the TWW of this cycle. The appointment was booked last month and I wasn’t asked where in my cycle I will be and there’s nothing in the information leaflet about “if you’re pregnant or think you could be pregnant”.

Will the hysteroscopy make this month a write-off?

I know it’s unlikely I’ll conceive this month after nearly 2 years trying but I hate to miss any opportunity 😊

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LillyLeaf Wed 22-May-19 17:31:10

They will make you do a pregnancy test before it to make sure you are not pregnancy.

TwistofFate Wed 22-May-19 17:40:44

They make you take a test before it but I was advised to use condoms that month in case there's an embryo floating around that hasn't implanted because the hysteroscopy could cause an ectopic pregnancy.

DobbieFreeElf Wed 22-May-19 18:49:26

There’s absolutely nothing in the leaflet/ on the confirmation letter about pregnancy or contraception, crazy. Plus the referring consultant said nothing either. I’ll be cd23 so it will be too early for a pregnancy test 🤷🏻‍♀️

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