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gingertesco Mon 20-May-19 00:55:56


Are you all raging at the guy? I was pretty shock.

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RedPandaFluff Mon 20-May-19 01:17:53

I saw this earlier - so much nonsense. Holes in the logic you could drive a bus through. I refuse to get worked up about it . . .

. . . although I did a bit 😏

Huggybear16 Mon 20-May-19 19:31:36

I saw this. Surely the point he was trying to make can be made about any medical intervention - asthma treatment, heart surgery, curing cancer....

ChocolateGateaux84 Mon 20-May-19 19:39:24

What a load of bovine excrement

hoping2018 Mon 20-May-19 22:05:15

Oh dear. Hard to take the article seriously when they wrote detective rather than defective. Though I quite like the idea of a detective gene........

“He says detective genes that normally die with the carrier are being passed on, leading to future generations needing the same help to have children.”

Teddybear45 Mon 20-May-19 23:51:32

Does that mean we should let all childhood Cancer sufferers die for the good of humanity? Utter bullshit.

Huggybear16 Tue 21-May-19 08:11:29

Hard to take the article seriously when they wrote detective rather than defective

Ha! I saw this. As soon as I see a typo in an article, I can't take it very seriously.


Pleaseletitbeme Tue 21-May-19 18:46:17

Load of rubbish.
What if.... my IVF babies growing inside me, go into a research scientific job and discover a cure for cancer.

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