Given progesterone at ten weeks is it too late?

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Lunablue765 Fri 17-May-19 12:34:27

I originally requested progesterone at seven weeks but was told no I then had bleeding for 17 or 18 days saw doctor again and this time took prism trial info doctor wasn't interested to be honest still said no.

so I got a bit fussy saying If there is the smallest chance it would help prevent a fourth miscarriage I'd try it so he said he would look into it.
So well he rang saying I could have it even though the bleeding has all but stopped apart bit here and there. But I'm now wondering if it's too late?
I was scanned Monday and baby was moving and had the starting of arms and legs but the doctor for reason unknown to me didn't date me so I only have very first scan which I'm told was 7 weeks 4 days but could have been wrong as the bean was so small. Anyone else started this late I'm so terrified I'm going to get to twelve week scan and be told there is no heart beat.
I'm scared again of erpc after my womb was punctured and medical management wasn't painful lost alot of blood ahh so 😕

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