We need an anonymous egg donor Liverpool. Can you help?

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Liverpool1984 Thu 16-May-19 12:45:09

Hello! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years now, but it became clear early on that our path to a baby was not going to be a simple one and we started our journey down the IVF path to try to start our family. Due to various issues, our IVF treatment was a little different than expected and we spent 3 years travelling to London and back for specialist treatment. Along with what seemed like endless journeys we experienced every emotion possible from the elation of being told treatment was going well to the despair of being told that the treatment had failed twice and that we would not be able to have ‘traditional’ IVF treatment.
As devastating as this was, we have been given one last NHS funded round of IVF treatment via egg donation, which is really the whole purpose of the post.
We are on a waiting list at Liverpool's Hewitt Centre, and have been advised that the best way to speed things up would be for us to find our own donor. Our preference is for an anonymous donation so we were wondering if there is anyone out there thinking of egg donation/egg sharing who would be willing to help us?
If you are between 21 and 35 years old (and preferably have already had children) and would like to receive more information regarding egg donation, please phone the Ovum Donation Coordinator at Liverpool Women’s Hospital on 0151 702 4212 quoting the reference number: 745R

Thanks for taking the time to read our post!

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Looneytune253 Thu 16-May-19 12:53:32

Is there a reason they need to be under 35?

GeraniumSwimwear Thu 16-May-19 12:57:17

I have tried to donate my eggs but have always been refused due to a family member having diabetes! Good luck finding someone though.

RedPandaFluff Thu 16-May-19 13:01:10

Hi @Liverpool1984 - I'm sorry you've had such a difficult journey; I've been there and it's really hard.

Have you looked at the possibility of transferring your funding to a different clinic with a shorter waiting list? Care Fertility in Manchester is only 3-4 months at the moment.

asdou Thu 16-May-19 13:03:24

@Looneytune253 Healthier eggs presumably?

ImpossibleNovelty Thu 16-May-19 13:04:25

Sorry about your tough journey so far. Wishing you the best of luck with your search. I just check whether you mean anonymous though, as I thought that in the UK donor conceived children have the right to know who the egg donor is once they reach 18? Do you just mean not known to you, as opposed to friends or family?

Liverpool1984 Thu 16-May-19 13:21:25

@ImpossibleNovelty Thanks for your question. It's anonymous in that we are anonymous to the donor, and yes they won't be friends or family. But yo're right at 18 the child would be able to know who the donor is.

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ImpossibleNovelty Thu 16-May-19 14:04:26

Thanks for the response. I’m in a similar ish boat to you and I wish you all the luck in the world flowers

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