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ChocChipPancake Tue 14-May-19 21:41:23

At the end of last year me and my husband had been trying for a baby for 12 months with no luck and so we contacted doctors and are having various checks.

It looks like we will not conceive the usual way due to husbands sperm count but no definite answers yet.

I had a blood test on day 11 of cycle (wasn't told to do on a particular day) and had normal levels of everything but progesterone which they told me was less than 1 so lower than expected.

Had another blood test on day 19 (supposed to be day 21 but due to bank holiday was early which they said would be fine) this has shown a level of around 5 - so this has risen but I was told this is still low and 16 would usually indicate ovulation. All other levels in normal range.

Does this mean I’m not ovulating?
Ovulation tests (the clear blue one with the flashing smilies) have been positive before - usually around day 19.

I’ve been asked to do another blood test on day 21 and then I'll probably get a referral to the fertility team.

Has anyone had really low progesterone and still conceived?
If we got to IVF stage would I be eligible/ would it work?
I don’t really understand the levels and what’s worrying or not so any help is very much appreciated!

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Mrsmch123 Tue 14-May-19 21:55:54

Hi from what I know and I'm relatively new, the 21 day bloods are done based on a 28 day cycle and the expected level is greater than 30 to confirm ovulation. There is medicine that can help ovulation so you may not need ivf. If that's the problem. Hope this helps

Explorers10 Tue 14-May-19 21:59:34

I have the same as you. I went for progesterone test on day 20 as day 21 fell on the weekend and came back as low 1.7. According to my app where I track my temperature I ovulated on day 20 and period came late on day 34. I did a repeat and again I did the test on day 23 but my app said I ovulated day 25 and period came late day 39. It was low at 1.6. What i wasn't told that it best to do 7 days before your period is due as the progesterone starts to rise after ovulation and peaks 7 days before your period. I am convinced I ovulate but I done the tests on the wrong days and I think stress threw out my regular cycles (usually 29 days)

You need progesterone to get pregnant as builds up the lining for pregnancy. If it's low you havent released an egg as once egg released progesterone is produced. If you spot before period it may suggest progesterone is low and this can be a cause of miscarriage.

Hope that helps

How regular are your cycles? Did you do the test 7 days before period is due?

Mrsmch123 Tue 14-May-19 22:01:26

Sorry just seen the bit about your husband. We have male factor and were advised by the assisted conception unit to take condensyl for 3 months. We are due a repeat analysis very soon to see if it's made any difference. If not then we will have icsi.

ChocChipPancake Tue 14-May-19 22:29:57

My cycles tend to be 28 or 29 days. The most recent test was 10 days before my period. Due to the weekend and when day 21 falls I’ll have my next blood test on day 22 which should be 7 days before period so hopefully a higher reading.
Thanks for your help!

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ChocChipPancake Tue 14-May-19 22:30:57

@Explorers10 sorry that was meant to tag you (don’t really know if this works)

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Persipan Wed 15-May-19 06:03:34

If you have IVF then they'll basically step in and take all that over with medication. You don't ovulate during an IVF cycle anyway - you take medication to encourage your ovaries to produce lots of follicles and then the eggs are surgically retrieved. You're then given progesterone, since your body wouldn't be producing it in the normal way that cycle (because you didn't ovulate). So, don't worry!

ChocChipPancake Wed 15-May-19 08:41:34

@Persipan thanks I didn't know any of that so that's a big help.

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Explorers10 Wed 15-May-19 13:31:37

@chocchippancake good luck with your next progesterone test. Let us know how it goes.

ChocChipPancake Wed 15-May-19 21:47:32

@Explorers10 thanks I will do! Decided to make sure the blood test is taken on the right day even if that means waiting until my next cycle.
My doctors haven't been that great so will then push for a referral.

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Zest11 Thu 16-May-19 19:18:35

ChocChipPancake you need to have the progesterone test 7 days after you ovulate otherwise the tests are pointless/meaningless. If you normally ovulate on day 19 you shoukd have the test on day 26.

ChocChipPancake Thu 16-May-19 23:07:45

@Zest11 the nurse has said to have it on day 21 though?
Were you told this by a GP/Doctor?

I want to do this right and stop wasting time so wondering if worth querying or getting the day 21 test like they've said?

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ChocChipPancake Tue 04-Jun-19 15:23:15

I've had another test and my levels were more than doubled.
Still not in the usual range but improved and the doctor seemed happy that there is a clear change of hormones.
I'm just checking with them if I need further tests or if because we are likely to need IVF anyway if we just wait for that.

No clue about this whole process confused

Anyone been through anything similar?

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Explorers10 Wed 05-Jun-19 19:31:59


Has the doctor referred you to the fertility clinic? I thought once all bloods taken and they were abnormal and you been trying over a year that’s the next step of the process?

ChocChipPancake Fri 07-Jun-19 08:34:32

@Explorers10 I've just had a referral letter through for a hospital booking so have booked that for next month.

Will phone the doctors to see what this is for/ what to expect as when I was at the doctors she didn't really seem to know next steps. Due to my husband she was discussing that IVF is likely and he has an appointment this month with fertility.
I asked if I needed a referral too and she said she would find out. So assuming she found the answer was yes.

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Explorers10 Fri 07-Jun-19 10:04:02

Me and my husband have a joint appointment with the fertility clinic on Monday which I think will be with the consultant to discuss the test results and what treatment or other scans required. I think as GP not specialised it’s better to go to referral and get advice from someone who is specialised in fertility. Wishing you luck, it’s good your getting referred and got an appointment soon for next steps.

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