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ARTLV Mon 13-May-19 10:13:02


I'm new here and not sure this is the right place to ask so please let me know if not.

After a few years of TTC we have now been referred to the FS. Some irregularities have come up in my bloods indicative of secondary ovarian failure but I don't feel GP has done extensive tests to determine fully.

We have our first appointment at hospital coming up and wondered what to expect. Anything I should bring/prepare for? Any tips?


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Mrsmch123 Mon 13-May-19 20:50:53

Hi I had my appointment back in feb. They asked basic questions about how long we were ttc, period length ect. They then did a transvaginal ultrasound. Make sure your partner is with you. We have male factor. They then ordered a hycosy for me and another sperm analysis for husband. They also checked my bmi and both had to do the smoking test. Good luck!

Embri Mon 13-May-19 22:36:55

Hi, we have our “fertility medicine” appointment at our local hospital (which doesn’t do IVF frustratingly!) 3 weeks today. I feel happy that we are getting somewhere, but struggling with the lack of speed with things! We already know we have significant male factor infertility which is going to need ICSI! I presume they will still do more tests/ repeat tests the GP has done. I am taking a print out of all the results just in case the GP is on a different electronic system to the hospital! Hey Mrsmch123: Did they do the transvaginal USS on the day?
Thanks, Emily

Mrsmch123 Tue 14-May-19 08:06:34

Hi yes they did. Had to go back for the hycosy which was around a 12 week wait in my area.

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