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HopeBaby1 Sun 12-May-19 09:01:37

I'm little bit confused where to start with checks.. Will try to make long story short - Me and my husband we are trying for our little bundle of joy for some time now. I've been pregnant 3 times - 1st baby lost to positive Edwards Syndrome, 2nd MMS and 3rd was molar pregnacy :/ So as you see not the best experience for us. I've tried to look for help from doctors but it seems bit hopeless as all he said - "you just need to be patient - you've been pregnant which means you can conceive"...
I've tried to ask him to do some testing to find possible cause for all unsuccessful pregnancies and what we possibly could do to reach positive outcome and after some time of pretty much begging he finally agreed to do it but now my doctor keep rearranging this appointment. It's second time now - appointment supposed to be in May but I received letter that's it's now rearranged for August... sad
We are at the point where we are ready to go to the private fertility clinic but we are not sure which one to choose as doctor is right by saying I can get pregnant naturally whivh means I most likely won't need IVF but after all negative experiences we really want to do some tests and maybe get some advice.
Anyone could point out which is the best private clinic in Norfolk please?

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sun 12-May-19 16:16:11

Firstly has your GP mentioned recurring you to a recurrent miscarriage clinic? You're eligible as you've had 3 losses in a row?
I would see if you can get that (although wait times are around 4 months to get to see someone)
We moved on to ivf after several miscarriages (our results also came back ok from the miscarriage clinic)
The clinics I saw were very positive and it didn't matter that we d been able to get pregnant but not stay pregnant
We went to several open evenings and then chose the one which felt right to us x

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