Pcos, clomid, am I pregnant!!

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Lamibee Fri 10-May-19 14:29:02

So since 9dpo I've had faint lines on ultra sensitive 10miu tests, the last 2 days I'm now 19dpo theyve been obvious lines. They take a little time to come up, but still within the time frame. I even tested my hubby's pee to make sure they weren't s bad batch, and no lines except the control line youd expect. At 10dpo and 13dpo first response gave me the most faintest lines that could only be seen in the garden. Clearblue digital negative, and with weeks negative. I'm high risk multiples, dud to already having twins in clomid, and my husband has triplets naturally. My doctor wont do blood work and just says wait, but I suffer with anxiety and my mental health due to my 3 yr old son dying 18 years ago, and living with a violent man for 13yrs. I just want to know. I've spent all day crying. Ladies on the Facebook ttc pages say they are evap lines and I'm not pregnant. I dont have regular cycle lengths, they range from 31-59!! I have pcos. Ive had 5 children on clomid before! This was our first cycle of clomid in April. The same tests I'm using giving positives, I used last month and were negative. So please tell me I'm not imagining this. Could it be super super early with multiples!!

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TheMonaOgg Fri 10-May-19 14:34:29

If you're consistently getting lines that have got stronger then you're pregnant!! 😊

Lamibee Fri 10-May-19 15:42:32

I wish I could upload the pictures. But just weird no other tests are getting it yet! Unless its super super early!

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