New to infertility boards - can anyone help/advise?

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CurlyTwirlyTwos Wed 08-May-19 18:46:10

Hi Mumnetters,

Not new to MN, but this my 1st post on this board.

I am recurrent miscarriage sufferer, and after 2 years, 5 mmc (between 5 and 10 weeks) and 1 tfmr (at 13 weeks) our consultant has suggested the possibility of IVF.

I seem to 'get pregnant' but it never lasts, we've had every test going but nothing has been found, it's very unclear - only one embryo has been screened and found to have been 'faulty', and the tfmr was because of a fatal fetal abnormality.

I have not read into IVF yet, it is mind boggling. It seems difficult to separate facts from claims. Google frightens me as there is soooo much out there.

I'm still not sure whether IVF is for us, but would like to get clued up.

I am 35 and the consultant told me (word for word) 'you are 35 my dear you have no time to waste'.

I am in the UK and would be under the NHS. We could manage to afford a round ourselves if needs be.

Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction of some sensible reading or general advise and guidance on what we should give serious consideration?

Thank you

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Mothermason Fri 10-May-19 19:54:00

Sorry to hear about your MCs. It must be awful.

IVF really isn’t that bad. I’ve done one round and have a son from it. You are very lucky you will get a go on NHS, funding has been taken away in many places.

But honestly, it’s fine!

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