What can I do during IVF?

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0hMy Mon 06-May-19 18:37:29

This might sound like a really stupid question (it probably is), but what can I and can’t I do during IVF? DH and I are hopefully beginning our first cycle of IVF with PGS this month. I was planning on giving up drinking anyway but what about the other stuff you can’t do while you’re pregnant? Or is it a case of carry on as usual until you’re lucky enough to get a BFP?
I’m quite an anxious person so was planning to fill the next couple of months with nice things to look after myself (a spa day being one of them - the sauna is the issue here). Also, I use weights at the gym. Exercising has a massively positive effect on my mental health, so I’d like to carry on. I’d appreciate any advice from anybody who’s been through this and and had anything helpful to share. Thank you.

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gracepoolesrum Mon 06-May-19 23:51:54

I gave up saunas because I was fearful of the effects of heat, and running, although I only gave up the latter because I developed ohss and my ovaries swelled up a lot. You should be ok to carry on with exercise initially and then the scans will tell you as you go along if you need to start to cut back. My consultant encouraged carrying on with life as normal including having the odd alcoholic drink if I fancied, I did have a few glasses of wine during treatment as it's something I really enjoy with dinner!

Persipan Tue 07-May-19 06:23:31

As you progress through stims, you may need to limit some types of exercise because there's a risk of ovarian torsion. The only other thing I can think of is, after retrieval most clinics recommend showers rather than baths for a while. But that's pretty much all I can think of; otherwise you can basically carry on as normal (to whatever extent you feel like doing so).

PrayingandHoping Tue 07-May-19 09:21:30

I was advised for the first few weeks to not do anything that increased your heart rate or made you hot. I'm also very active so cutting back the exercise was frustrating but I figured it would be worth it!

When I got my BFP I planned to start back up but then I had episodes of bleeding so ended up doing not a lot until 11 weeks 😣 but ho hum. Started back up gentle exercise now

Teddybear45 Tue 07-May-19 09:29:26

I was told not to stop exercising (I hike and climb) except for 3 days around my egg collection and only then because I was considered high risk for OHSS. I was back to normal when they realised I didn’t have it.

Mothermason Tue 07-May-19 17:29:18

I used an app which focuses on mindfulness and telling your body you CAN get pregnant called Mindful IVF. I put it on every night before bed and it really helped me to stay positive, which I think is so important as it’s a really stressful time. I also just had one tea a day (needed!) quit alcohol and age a lot of Brazil nuts! They help with implantation or something... it was 3 years ago. It was successful so something helped me there!

0hMy Thu 09-May-19 20:19:09

Thanks for your advice everybody. I did ask today but the nurse seemed quite happy for me to continue with what I’m doing. I’ll definitely try the Mindful IVF app.

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Zest11 Fri 10-May-19 17:11:16

Thank you so much for posting this 0hMy and for all the replies. I too am starting and didn't even think about cutting back exercise. I would also have carried on with hot baths as I love them so much! And Mothermason I will try that app to and eat plenty of brazil nuts!

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