High FSH

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MayZ Sat 04-May-19 07:58:04

I'm looking for more information regarding high FSH and getting pregnant. My FSH is 18 and I'm 39. TTC 12m and one CP last September

I'm waiting for AMH and thyroid blood test results and am booked in for ultrasound and HSG in 2 weeks.

Have started DHEA supplement, any other advice or help?

I'm going to have to pay for IVF privately so any clinic recommendations that help older women?

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Ilikeviognier Sat 04-May-19 08:16:36

Look up ubiquinol - it’s good for egg quality. It’s co enzyme q10 in a different form. You need to focus on improving egg quality as it only takes one.

As for clinics- I hear the lister is good for low egg reserve patients but have no personal experience of it.

2019isouryear Sat 04-May-19 08:37:19

@MayZ I was wondering what dose of DHEA you are taking and if it was recommended by the clinic. We have just complete our first cycle which wasn’t successful. Unfortunately we didn’t get anything to ET. Considering our next options. Have started taking ubquinol 200mg would be interested to know on what others have taken, but not DHEA but have seen it mentioned.

MayZ Sat 04-May-19 14:21:04


I'm taking 25mg three times a day, bought online, biovea I think.


Thanks I'll look it up, I'm taking a general Q10 but if this one is more specific it will be worth swapping too.

Consultant so far not helpful with positive suggestions, ordered tests and said I'm old! hmm so I'm taking matters into my own hands!

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hoping2018 Tue 07-May-19 22:46:44

My consultant also got me to take melatonin fir egg quality (as well as suggestions above)

Not sure if that helped quality but made me sleep amazingly - massive bonus with the induced menopause from injections

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