IUI - what to expect? Successes?

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B3x88 Fri 03-May-19 22:53:55

So I have an appointment next week to sign paperwork before beginning IU I just wondered what to expect and what successes you’ve had with iui? I’m 30 & dh is 33 ttc for 5 years. Tried x6 rounds of letrazole with no luck. Thank you.

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Offallycheap Fri 03-May-19 22:56:05

Why are you going for IUI? The results are crap. You’d be better going straight to IVF

FloatingthroughSpace Fri 03-May-19 22:57:31

My delightful nephew was conceived on first IUI
I think they had been trying unsuccessfully for about 18 months.

B3x88 Fri 03-May-19 23:02:02

@offallycheap Been referred to the nhs fertility clinic been going almost a year and they’ve said this is the next step to try IUI. My DH has too many antibodies in his sperm so they think this may help us.

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B3x88 Fri 03-May-19 23:03:08

Aww wow! That’s great to hear @floatingthroughspace heard so many mixed things about IUI successes.

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Knitclubchatter Fri 03-May-19 23:05:57

My son has azoospermia and on the third IUI treatment our granddaughter was conceived.

Tolleshunt Fri 03-May-19 23:06:57

We had the same problem, with sperm antibodies, but were much older.

We conceived on the third try, with only 3 million sperm - I was convinced the cycle would be a dud and we'd be on to IVF. DD is now almost four.

It is really worth a try, as it is so much gentler than IVF.

Best of luck!!!

B3x88 Fri 03-May-19 23:16:47

@knitclubchatter that's great news it was successful and you've a granddaughter smile

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B3x88 Fri 03-May-19 23:20:05

@tolleshunt I've not actually come across anyone with the same issue as my dh. So to know IUI was successful on your third attempt gives us hope smile the nurses as the fertility unit hadnt come across the antibodies issue before (which shocked us a bit) but knowing of you're success is reassuring.
Thank you smile

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Tolleshunt Fri 03-May-19 23:22:53

I believe it's one of the rarer reasons for fertility problems, so perhaps not surprising they haven't come across it much.

Fingers crossed that washing the antibodies off will do the trick for you too!

Offallycheap Sat 04-May-19 08:00:00

Why are you going for IUI? The results are crap. You’d be better going straight to IVF

Tolleshunt Sat 04-May-19 10:12:16

You said that yesterday, Offally.

Obviously, OP can speak for herself. From my point of view, I went for it because a) it's much less invasive than IVF; b) it involves much less medication than IVF; c) it's much cheaper than IVF (we could have had 4/5 cycles at our clinic for the same price as one IVF cycle); d) it's less stressful than IVF for the above reasons; e) for our particular fertility issue (sperm antibodies) it has the potential to fix the problem; and f) it doesn't preclude going to IVF afterwards, so nothing is lost other than the money (which, as already mentioned, is a lot less than for IVF).

I can understand why some would want to go straight to IVF. But for some couples, depending on the reasons for their fertility issues, it can be a good option. If it works, as it did in my case, it saves A LOT of money, hormonal disruption, discomfort and stress.

mouse1234567 Sat 04-May-19 10:18:38

I had three failed IUIs and now moving to IVf but my colleague was successful on her second. It can happen but also bear in mind if it doesn’t and t often doesnt that IVF has a much higher success rate. IUI is much less hassle tho so def give it a try!

B3x88 Sat 04-May-19 13:16:06

I'm more than happy to give IUI a go especially with our particular fertility issues and some of you having had success especially @Tolleshunt with being in same situation regarding antibodies. Then if it doesn't work out we still will have IVF to try. I wondered what to expect at the paperwork aspect and do you get shown how to inject the hormones etc? Thank you.

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Zest11 Sun 05-May-19 22:59:56

Hello. We had 3 rounds of IUI with unexplained infertility. I actually had a cp naturally a couple of months before starting IUI so I think I expected that to at least happen again but we got nothing. The failures have now made us ready for IVF which we weren't ready for before. We have been trying 2 1/2 years and had been trying nearly 2 before IUI. The process itself was very straightforward though. At the paperwork we were just given different blood tests, weighed, measured etc. And I did IUI with clomid and was also told how to do the ovitrelle injection in case I needed that.

B3x88 Tue 07-May-19 21:56:23

@zest11 thank you for the information. I understand what you mean about being ready for IVF I'm happy to try IUI and if need be then IVF afterwards. Just so anxious about our appointment Saturday

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