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Scan AFC and lining-thoughts?

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Laney79 Thu 02-May-19 21:26:26

Hi. Went for a scan today ahead of possible ivf. I'll be 40 in July.

The dr was dictating measurements and I heard him say my "afc" so assuming Antral follicle count was 3 on the right, 2 on the left with a corpeus luteum...Amy my endometrium was 8mm.

I'm on day 21 of my cycle. Ovulated on day 10, AF due sat/sun.

I' waiting on AMH result. My most recent day three oestradiol was 729 pmol/l and my FSH was 8.7...

I'm thinking that afc is not good for ivf...any thoughts? Will that mean we won't be able to do ivf? X

physicskate Fri 03-May-19 12:09:45

At that point in your cycle, it's normal to only have a corpus luteum cyst and no other visible follicles.

So no, it doesn't mean you wouldn't respond to the drugs. (And an afc of 8 even in the first days of your cycle would not preclude ivf at all either).

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