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JodieCS Wed 01-May-19 17:47:43

Hi, does anyone have any views on Dr Joy at CARE in Manchester?
Thank you

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Tightarseparent1 Wed 01-May-19 17:51:09

Care fertility?

JodieCS Wed 01-May-19 18:01:21

Yes that's the one!

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Tightarseparent1 Wed 01-May-19 18:07:26

I think we was with Dr Patel ( not sure if he has left) but I can stay out whole experience with them was fantastic. I was told previously by another clinic I basically had no egg reserve left yet they managed to extract 11 A grade eggs. Resulting in two dds three years apart.

Is it your first time?

Tightarseparent1 Wed 01-May-19 18:09:05


Tightarseparent1 Wed 01-May-19 18:09:58

There was a care fertility message board you could access so you might be able to get some reviews on Dr Joy there smile

JodieCS Wed 01-May-19 20:34:20

Tightarseparent thank you for that! First time, DH is having his SSR there, all very nerve racking & lots of info to take in. Many uplifting stories & advice on here so hopefully that will help. Any advice on the whole process?

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Tightarseparent1 Wed 01-May-19 21:36:01

No problem jodi

We had full ivf with ICSI so happy to chat about that if you are too.

The nurses were fantastic and so warm to us both.

By biggest bit advice is not to put too much pressure on yourselfs ( I know it’s easier said than done)

1st one took now nearly six
2nd (frozen) one didn’t
3rd frozen now 2.5 and causing havoc!

FingersXssd83 Thu 02-May-19 07:08:01

She did our first transfer and our last retrieval. I found her a bit frosty at transfer but fantastic at retrieval, she was very reassuring and positive.

Good luck!

Cariad82 Tue 07-May-19 15:24:07


Dr Joy did my first retrieval before Christmas where sadly we got no eggs. I found her bedside manner to be very abrupt and a bit cold, but it didn't make me doubt her ability as a doctor. And I don't think the no eggs outcome was at all her fault.

When I booked my follow up appointment following the failed cycle though I was offered it with Dr Joy and I asked for someone else. I just didn't feel comfortable talking to her to be honest. But that is probably partly down to my bad experience and not her fault. Meet with her and if you decide you're not comfortable with her as your consultant you can just ask for someone else.

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