Exercise and pain - 1 blocked tube and endometriosis

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Ohrobin Mon 29-Apr-19 13:41:58


Cycle 17
Confirmed blocked tube and awaiting lapacropscopy.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience with exercising. I've decided to focus on losing some weight (I'm a size 12-14) and feeling fitter seeing as I can't control the fertility part of my life. I am waiting for a laparoscopy possibly followed by IVF. My right tube was blocked during HSG but left clear.

I was exercising with My PT and fine until about half way through experienced pain in what I think is the area of my left ovary (right behind the hip bone). The PT advised me to stop because she didn't know enough about that particular area and said it didn't seem like a joint/groin problem when getting me to move about and asking where it hurt. I am due to ovulate today I think based on temps and opks.

Has anyone got experience of exercising around ovulation causing pain? Thank you in advance

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RyvitaBrevis Mon 29-Apr-19 14:43:29

Yes, I have endo and feel ovarian pain when exercising at various times. Started my period today and went to the gym yesterday, and I could really feel it in my left ovary. It's disappointing because I had full excision a few months ago and I was hoping the symptoms wouldn't return so quickly. Anyway.

Also, before I was diagnosed, when I pushed myself too hard exercising I would get really terrible pelvic pain / menstrual-type cramps. Now I still push myself but if I think I might be crossing the line, I stop or slow down. More to avoid the pain than because I think there's any chance of actually doing any damage.

Ohrobin Mon 29-Apr-19 21:57:41

Thank you for replying. It sucks all this endo stuff. They say exercise is good for it but my PT said to stop and rest for a few days.

As you say think I'll have to take it easy around ovulation and I defo would be on my period anyway as I am usually in agony.

Best wishes!

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bunnieboo91 Mon 29-Apr-19 22:09:10

Hey OP

I also have my right side blocked and just gone through IVF which was successful so good luck to you on that part.

I had stabbing pain when I sneeze or cough in certain positions and asked about the pain to my clinic and they said it's normal and has nothing to do with blocked tubes.

Hope this helps grin

Ohrobin Mon 29-Apr-19 22:25:50

@bunnieboo91 thank you! Did you have a lap beforehand or straight to ivf once diagnosed with blocked tube?

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Booksandstuff Tue 30-Apr-19 00:48:20

Hi OP,

I was diagnosed with mild endo last year. I would sometimes get really bad period like pains after exercising - my stomach would get bloated too. So uncomfortable! I had a lap and haven't had the pain since (and have run quite a bit).

Good luck.

bunnieboo91 Tue 30-Apr-19 06:35:06

@Ohrobin I tried for about a year and went back to the doctor and they referred me to IVF.

Don't you have to try for a year for them to do something? I'm not too sure.

Ohrobin Tue 30-Apr-19 10:20:34

Thanks all for sharing your experiences.

@bunnieboo weve been told by our consultant to have the lap then try for 3 months and if not concieved she will then refer us for IVF x

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