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Pgs normal embryo failed to implant and trying hard not to feel hopeless

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Hodgewell1 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:08:25

I’ve been holding it all together pretty well through ivf treatment so far but right now I am despairing. My first egg retrieval process went well and out of it I had 3 pgs normal embryos which I am so grateful for. The first FET failed last month and I’m not feeling hopeful for the next one. My clinic tested for clotting factors which came back negative although I have the MTHFR gene. My clinic don’t test for immunes but treat empirically and will use steroids if my second FET fails. Motherhood feels eternally out of reach. Testing and ivf has taken over 18 months after a few years of ttc and I’m approaching 39. The rest of my life is on hold (job moves and house moves) as the priority for us is trying to become parents. Any suggestions for how to bear the strain?

jemimafuddleduck Sun 28-Apr-19 19:24:13

@Hodgewell1 I feel you. I found out that our first cycle failed on New Years Day and was devastated. I spent most of January as a shell of myself in a state of total despair. All I can say is that time will help, and going into my second cycle now I feel in a much better place than I ever thought I could be.
What's also helped me is that I've been doing hypnotherapy. It's been amazing. If you're in the south west I can recommend you my therapist.
It's shit though, you're not alone x

Hodgewell1 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:27:49

Thanks jemimafuddleduck. I’m just north of London but I will book some hypnotherapy sessions. I tried some to help get over a needle phobia which was pretty important for the ivf. Good luck for your next transfer and thank you for the suggestion.

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