Anyone else on their dreaded 2WW?

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Piup Sat 27-Apr-19 18:15:13

Hi ladies
This is our 2nd try at ivf/icsi and can't seem to remember how I coped the first time. Had 1 FET last Thursday and really struggling to cope this time. Feeling low energy and really badly bloated. Feels like storm Hannah is not just battling outside!

Would love to hear how anyone else is/ has been coping on their 2WW x

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White13 Sun 28-Apr-19 00:23:36

We are on our first try of ICSI and test bank holiday Monday. Trying to stay positive, but dont want to get my Hopes up. I'm suffering with really bad breast tenderness.

Piup Sun 28-Apr-19 12:36:07

Hi White13 I had the same in our first try and got the BFP. Are you on progesterone? Not sure if it was the side effect from it or means implantation has happened.

Are you having time off work?

Best of luck! Keep positive (so hard I know)

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Rumplestrumpet Sun 28-Apr-19 22:50:53

Hiya Can I join you? Did a frozen embryo transfer last Thursday too, a 5 day blast from a few years ago. I feel like I'm coping fine so far but can imagine I'm gonna be a total wreck in a week's time!!

As it's an FET I'm having to wear estrogen patches on my tummy and progesterone pessaries morning and night. Patches are fine but I'd rather be without the pessaries!!

I'm hoping to avoid symptom spotting as the hormones throws your body totally out of synch - last time I was convinced it had failed as I had no symptoms, and my little girl is snoring away right now - so it does work!!

Hope you're both holding it together

White13 Mon 29-Apr-19 08:01:34

Morning to you both.
Yes I'm on progesterone 3 times a day. It is a side effect of the pessaries.

Being self-employed I'm not having anytime off but have cut my days down from 5 to 3 and taking it easy.

@Rumplestrumpet I'm not having any symptoms either apart from the tender boobs. (But they have been like that since the second day of progesterone taking.)

Somewhere I read that in the 2ww it can make you feel sexy. I couldn't think of anything further to what I feel.


When do you both test?

sandytoes84 Wed 01-May-19 16:35:55

I had 2 x day 3 FET transferred yesterday - my first transfer after a long journey, so glad to be able to join you all.

I know it’s a while off yet, but when will everyone test? My clinic have told me 14 days but they must know I’ll be doing it before then!

Pleaseletitbeme Wed 01-May-19 16:57:53

Had 2 blasts transferred Monday.
My official test date is 10th May.
On progesterone pessaries (yuk).
Feel very sickly but I think that’s just anxiety.
I’m very realistic that this is more likely not to happen then actually happen.

Piup Thu 02-May-19 16:09:04

@Rumplestrumpet I also had an FET last Thursday. On estrogen tablets rather than the patches.
Are you getting any pains? Started getting bad cramping today was thinking that's it period has come.
So good to hear this actually works!!

@White13 Testing on next Tuesday after the bank holiday. And you? Totally agree I do not feel sexy at all especially with the pessaries, bloating and emotions like a hurricane. I've also been working a couple hours a day mainly reviewing documents this week just to keep my sanity. But I'm lucky enough to chose my hours.

@sandytoes84 @Pleaseletitbeme We've got 2 FET left after this one. How did you decide to put 2 in?

When will you all start home testing? I wake up every morning dying to do one but still plucking courage.

So nice to be able to share this journey with you all.

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sandytoes84 Thu 02-May-19 16:25:09

@Piup it’s our clinics standard procedure for frozen, they freeze them in pairs too.

Ugh those pessaries, gross!

My husband has been quite distressed by seeing what women have to go through, so I don’t think he dares come near me anyway!

sandytoes84 Thu 02-May-19 16:27:50

@Piup I’m supposed to test on Tuesday 14th...I think I’ll test on saturday 11th blush

Pleaseletitbeme Thu 02-May-19 16:30:52

Piup- we have two in the freezer (good un and a shite one).
It was after discussion with the embryologist. Trying to maximise my chances... even though statistically one or two transfers does at seem to alter the outcome of a live birth.
I’m trying to forget about the whole thing. I feel very periody (which would potentially be due any day between now and Sunday). So I’m fairly convinced it hasn’t worked... so I’m off to ride my lovely horse.

White13 Thu 02-May-19 23:14:33

@Piup I'm testing this Sunday morning. Although I want to test now!

Cant help but get my Hope's up, felt a bit sick this afternoon but might be because I have a cough so not sleeping well.
Everyone warned about symptom watching, (i always said i wouldn't) but this two weeks is taking forever!

How everyone else feeling?

Rumplestrumpet Thu 02-May-19 23:33:34

Yes I swore I'd be more relaxed this time round - and I am definitely not the wreck I was last time, but I'm not as chilled as I hoped to be either!

I'm not feeling period-type pains but am so bloated and have quite an upset tummy. But I think that's the progesterone. And sore boob's, but again probably the meds.

I was told to test next Weds but that's 13 days after a 5day blasto transfer, so I'm pretty sure I can test sooner than that...
Do any of you do blood tests or just poas at home? I'm supposed to do a blood test for HCG levels - as it is more accurate than a home pregnancy kit and would identify early miscarriage (I miscarried last September). But I want to just poas over the weekend....

Kinnney Fri 03-May-19 18:49:18

Can I join in? I just had my embryo transfer today, it’s our first round of IVF. One 5 day blast on board and we find out tomorrow if the two left are suitable for freezing.
Really glad to see people in the same boat, trying to stay sane smile

Pleaseletitbeme Fri 03-May-19 19:15:38

Well my 2ww is over. AF has arrived. 4 days after ET.
Good luck everyone on your 2WW. I hope you are all successful.

sandytoes84 Sat 04-May-19 08:30:20

@pleaseletitbeme that sucks, I’m so sorry to hear. I hope you’ve been able to take a moment to try get your head around it and best of luck for the next step, whatever you decide xxx

Piup Sat 04-May-19 19:34:44

@Pleaseletitbeme sorry to hear that. Better luck next time! Hope you're ok.

Getting really bad cramps so went to acupuncturist yesterday and felt relieved after but feeling painful tonight. She's given me a herbal tea to have to prevent miscarriages. Fingers toes limbs crossed!

Tested this morning on pregnancy test on my second urine (was busting on the first one and completely forgot to take the test!) and came out negative. Trying to stay positive netherless. 3 more days to official testing.

@Rumplestrumpet what is a poas?

@Kinney welcome on board. How are you spending your 2WW?

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Piup Sat 04-May-19 19:38:01

@White13 I am noticing any small little twitch in my body. Have been googling so much about them it's insane!

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White13 Sat 04-May-19 20:04:18

@pleaseletitbeme I'm so sorry. I wish you all the best in what you decide to do next. And I hope it is successful should you go down this route again.

@Kinney welcome to the club. How are you spending your two weeks.

@rumplestrumpet I'm guessing it means Pee on a stick. But dont quote me on it.

I've had a really crappy day today, I'm a hairdresser and found it really hard to put a smile on my face, and act happy and chipper in front of my clients. When really I just wanted to stay in bed and not come out.

Not really having any symptoms and I think the ones I am having are due to the horrible pessaries.

Hows everyone else doing? Xx

Rumplestrumpet Sat 04-May-19 23:16:51

@Pleaseletitbeme I'm so sorry to hear AF turned up so soon. How incredibly disappointing. I hope you can take some quiet time with your partner and get through this together. I hope you can pick yourself up and have a successful frozen embryo transfer soon.

@piup, yes, pee on a stick, i.e. home pregnancy test. I will no doubt cave and do it at home early (have bought a multi pack!!), but would prefer to have the accuracy of a blood test too.

@white it's tough trying to be normal when you want to shout or cry or just lie on the sofa until test day and not have to bother pretending it's all ok. Plus hairdressing is an exhausting job, and you have to listen to o people moan about their lives, so if you're not in the mood that must be very tough! Well done for getting through!!

I'm struggling with the lack of any pregnancy signs, and realising that it's probably not worked. Although j said that last time too, haha. This fortnight just seems interminable!! May have to do a home test tomorrow, but then if it's negative it won't settle anything, as it could be too soon.... Agh!!!

Any wise words ladies?!?

Piup Sun 05-May-19 18:06:17

@White13 hope you're getting a good rest today. Can't imagine having to deal with clients. Not looking forward going back to work fully next Wednesday. Have been enjoying my daily nap and googling each and every symptom assiduously.

@Rumpplestrumpet did my second poas this morning and had the faintest faintest BFP line. I went and bought more multipacks from Wilkos today so will keep doing it.

Cramps have subsided now. I've caught the habit of examining the tissue for any signs of AF after a pee. My bloating and flatulence have reached new peaks in my life. My tummy is already popping out a small if I'm 4 months preggies. Any one else having the same?

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sandytoes84 Mon 06-May-19 10:05:24

@piup how many days past transfer are you now? I’m struggling the resist the urge to test even though I know it’s way too early! (6dp3dt)

Same with the bloating, I assume that’s the progesterone. Have also been expecting to see af every time I go to the toilet.

Piup Tue 07-May-19 07:37:49

@sandytoes on my 11th day today and going to clinic for the test this morning. Not hoping for much as couldn't see any faint line on the poas. But still hoping for a miracle :-(

Started testing on day 8th but I think it was too early according to this!po=1.04167

Check your poas stick sensitivity. I'm not sure I will use the wilkos ones again.

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White13 Tue 07-May-19 10:53:25

Morning ladies.

Hope everyone had a relaxed weekend.

We tested on Sunday morning and.....


I really didn't think it had worked, and was getting really upset as I wasnt having any symptoms apart from tender breast's. (Which I have had since starting progesterone pessuries.)

I have been for my confirmation blood test this morning so just waiting for the results now.

Ladies stay positive you are all amazing and so strong. Not everyone can go through what we have. 😘😘

Piup Tue 07-May-19 11:11:48

@White congratulations !!!!!

I'm double sharing your joy. Just came back from the clinic and the urine test came back positive. Waiting for blood test also.

I was so shocked with the nurse told me congratulations you got a BFP. Where did you get your poas from? The wilkos one are not good enough I think.

Long wait for this phone call now. Nurse said reading should come out above 30. Crossing fingers toes and limbs

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